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Permanently un-trusted on CS:GO randomly.


So this happened when I was playing some Casual. Disconnected with this on my screen.
SpoilerUsually this comes with a VAC ban, but it didn't.
No, I was not cheating. I have Cheat Engine on my computer but I only use it for non-Steam and non-VAC games.
I do have constant problems with malware though.
I don't want to buy another account, and Steam support likely won't fix this.

Could just google around a bit. :-\

Found one and two fairly easily.

UPDATE: My main account is VAC banned now.  >:(
It will let me get on games besides CS:GO
Well, time to get a new account for CS:GO. It's a 15 dollar game so it's not the end of the world.

Just make sure everything's clean

Of course. Steam support was no help at all and they were a little rude about it as well.
I made another account and bought CS:GO again.


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