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Started by Kxawzìtan, October 07, 2019, 07:42:14 AM

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Star Trek Online

Kaltxì ma frapo!
I have recently began the creation of a Clan/Fleet in Star Trek Online for us guys to enjoy and work together with and on!
For those that do not know, Star Trek Online is an MMORPG of the Star Trek franchise, based in the early 25th century, some thirty years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. The game takes you through several story arcs giving some good stories, fun space combat and some very interesting twists. There is a mini lore-series of events leading up to the time of STO itself, known as the "Path to 2409". This gives quite a bit of information around the events starting from after Nemesis to 2409, when STO begins! The game does have a grind aspect to it however, making a build, doing heavy DPS (Damage Per Second) and collecting and unlocking some expensive and good equipment! I know of a few people that have a decent knowledge pool in the game to give some pointers, and possibly give some good items away!

So 3 weeks ago, I decided to take it upon myself to create a brand new fleet, revolving around the Na'vi/Avatar, since people in the game have created Na'vi characters (myself included) and have rolled with them, some even have managed to create an almost perfect Na'vi character! I hope to invite people with a Na'vi character into the fleet, or anyone that is a fan of Avatar as a whole! I make this "Advertisement" for those that play STO, and because I cannot find a fleet similar to what I have begun to make after a couple hours of indepth research.
Thus far, I have encountered two people in the last few weeks, that have a Na'vi character and have offered for them to join in if they wish. I am always on the lookout for more so I can expand the fleet more!

The fleet itself is NOT maxed out at all at this moment. Thus far in three weeks, I have gotten the fleet from level 0 to level 7 out of 85 with the express help from my Twitch viewers!

The name of the Fleet is: "The Na'vi Clan of Light"
As far as I can tell, my new fleet is the ONLY Na'vi/Avatar based community on STO!
I try to encourage anyone that plays in the game, to form a team and do story missions and PvE missions together! After all the game is much more fun with friends and clan-mates!
There is NO restriction to joining into the fleet. However if you do have a Na'vi character, it will immediately become fifth Tier member!
I have made a ranking system in the game to reflect the Tiered system and to denote who and what is what, somewhat nìNa'vi.

Zìma'uyu - Tier One Member
Mipa Haptxitu - Tier Two Member - 100k Contribution
Kximyu - Tier Three Member - 300k Contribution
Nawma Kximyu - Tier Four Member - 850k Contribution
Zeya Hapxitu - Na'vi member, or if you have 3m Contribution
Eyktan - General Staff member
Olo'eyktan - Fleet leader

(If i did make a mistake with the names and use of Na'vi words, I would appreciate being told so to continue to learn!)

The Starbase is now Tier 2 on all!
The other Holdings in the fleet are Tier 0 with two about to become Tier 1!
Current members (as of 7th October 2019: 24
Na'vi speakers: 1
- No-one in the fleet presently speaks the language except me thus far.

If you do want to join in, you can let me know through Discord if you wish, through mail on here, or mail in STO itself!
Discord: Kxawzìtan#2417
STO: @k1ll3rzun1t

* If you just started playing the game itself, let me know because I can build and send you a full set of Very Rare ground and space gear from Mk2 to Mk10 to start you off! :)
Currently there is no Discord server for this fleet, I could make one but only by popular demand. Say more than 10 members asking for it! Otherwise I will send everyone over here to LN, promoting the Discord and community here! I am still very much loyal to willing to promote LN!


If you happen to stream STO, I can add your channel to the Fleet events, so people can check out your streams when you go live!
I stream STO very often nowadays and I always want to try get a whole team together to do missions and help each other out!

Irayo seiyi ngaru! Kiyevame! o7