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Steam games anyone? Feel free to post your steam I.D.s and such so we could all gather and play some CSS, TF2, or w/e else is on the low down in the valve world.

Sіr. Ηaxalot:


I'm playing pretty much TF2, mostly on the servers (how can that come :P).

Kaltxì ma smuk,

I revive that thread...hrh.
I do that, because it's confusing with the same thread in the German section and I think we don't need three or more threads with the same content...
And this:

--- Quote from: Payoang on December 07, 2010, 05:50:19 am ---In less active sections (and for stickies) it's totally ok.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on October 03, 2013, 05:45:14 pm ---Kaltxì ma Clark!

Nice to see you here. :)

--- Quote from: Clarke on October 03, 2013, 04:44:27 pm ---Vielleicht kreuzen-senden diese an die englische Forum? :)
(Mein Deutsch ist schlecht, so dass wurde maschinell übersetzt. :P )
--- End quote ---
I think that isn't really necessary because I've found two topic there ;):

* Steam -Valve Games etc-
* Steam group?But these threads are kinda old....
--- End quote ---

*revived* :P

Tsawl Layon:


A bit necropost but I think, its ok

My Steam ID:


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