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I'm surprised there isn't a thread yet. What did you think of the game, for those who played it?

I've played very few games that were this amazing. Too few games these days can make the player become so attached to characters that you get an empty feeling that lasts for weeks after you finish the game. The storytelling was absolutely phenomenal, visuals and details were among the best I've ever seen, and the soundtrack, oh the soundtrack itself makes you sit there and ponder existence. 

Your thoughts?

I still haven't bought it yet :(

Txantslusam Skxawng:
I'm getting it next wednesday, from a friend. FINALLY!!!!!!!!

Anyone wanna start a faction and play online with this?
Add me would_u_kindly

Txantslusam Skxawng:
Already got a faction, Firefly... I'm at 2 weeks and a few days.. But last time I played online, was a few weeks ago....

At first I thought I was going to have a though time in the online, as you try to save ammo and only wanna make melee kills... But after a few rounds I had it figured out and could win alot of fights in the online :P


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