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Sngä'i Tìrey-yä:
So I just got my entertainment weekly in the mail and, lo and behold, I see our own Jake and Neytiri all close on the cover as well as the intriguing caption "EXCLUSIVE The Secrets of AVATAR - James Cameron on the Sequel, 3-D worlds, deleted scenes, topping Titanic and MORE"

The article didn't disappoint in the least. I'll spare you the mass of it and dole out a few key lines:

-James Cameron is keeping an AMP suit as a souvenir and plans on sticking it in his front yard.
"I'm serious - I'm putting it right on the front lawn... it'll send a message to the neighbors, Don't f--- with us"

-The website naviblue.com was mentioned, and fans were referred to as Avatards

-Speculation that Avatar will take home an Oscar

-The airplane hanger where most of the movie was filmed was nicknamed Volume

-Steven Spielburg and Peter Jackson supposedly toured the set once or twice and left looking astonished

-Cameron is the only person who has mastered the filming technique, so he did almost all the filming with no help

-He only took half a day off when he got Swine Flu

-When he got frustrated he "...b****-slapped myself. I told myself, "You're f---ing rich. You don't have to do this. You could be off doing deep-sea exploration. So you better find a way to love it"

-Jake e-mailed a possible plot to EW about how "Jake should have abused his avatar and now be fat and unfit and demand Neytiri to get him a beer."

-Quaritch's actor was speculating, "You think those two arrows in my chest are going to stop me from coming back? Nothing's over so long as they've got my DNA"

In addition to a fantastically long article and interview with Cameron, there was a great eleven question interview with the director:

Why are the Na'vi blue? Why not another color?
''I just like blue. It's a good color,'' James Cameron says. ''Plus, there's a connection to the Hindu deities, which I like conceptually.''

Do the Na'vi need Unobtainium? Or is it just a rock to them?
''It's a rock to them,'' explains producer Jon Landau. ''But it's also sort of what enables the floating mountains. They don't know that, though — well, maybe spiritually they know it.''

What is the Na'vi language based on?
''Paul Frommer is a linguistics expert at USC, and we hired him to create a language,'' James Cameron says. ''He riffed off the 30 or so character names, place names, and creature names that I had come up with. They had a little bit of a Polynesian/Maori influence because of some time I had spent in New Zealand and in other places throughout Polynesia. So he used some Polynesian roots — but there's also some African, there's Native American, there's even some bits from the Latin languages — and then he mixed it all up with German sentence construction, where the verb comes last. From an acting standpoint, the hard part was speaking English with a Na'vi accent. Zoë Saldana had the most lines, so we let her create the accent, and then everybody had to match her.''

How did they make Sam Worthington's legs look so atrophied? Is it all CG?
''John Rosengrant at Stan Winston's studio took a mold from the legs of a paraplegic who had about Sam's skeletal size, and then we created rubber legs,'' James Cameron says. ''Sam's actual legs are tucked down through the chair.''

Is it true that James Cameron has four to six hours of unused footage from the film? Will it end up on the Avatar DVD?
Actually, Cameron says that there's only about 40 minutes of usable footage that didn't make it into the film. Yes, it will be on the DVD: ''live-action stuff of Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver, a fair bit of stuff with the Na'vi.'' And, yes, there's more of that sex scene.

In a battle sequence, it looks like Michelle Rodriguez is piloting an open-air helicopter, but she wouldn't be able to breathe the Pandoran atmosphere. What gives?
It's not an open-air helicopter. ''There's a bulkhead,'' James Cameron says. ''You can see it, but the problem is that there are windows in the bulkhead, and it looks like it's open. There used to be a scene where Quaritch [Stephen Lang] is riding with her and he opens the door between the two compartments and you see that there's an unpressurized compartment and a pressurized compartment. But yeah, she's obviously in a closed cab.''

There's a rumor going around that some of the humans in Avatar are CGI creations. Any truth to that?
''There are a number of shots of CGI humans,'' James Cameron says. ''The shots of [Stephen Lang] in an AMP suit, for instance — those are completely CG. But there's a threshold of proximity to the camera that we didn't feel comfortable going beyond. We didn't get too close.''

What's the difference between normal 3-D and RealD 3-D? And is it better to see it in one format over another?
''The differences with the types of 3-D are just the mechanics of how it gets up on the screen,'' producer Jon Landau explains. ''There's really not much difference visually, except in the type of eyeglasses you're wearing.''

Will James Cameron ever make a 2-D film (like Titanic, pictured) again?
''Why would I do that?'' the director asks.

Where did James Cameron get the idea for the floating mountains? Was that from a Yes album cover?
''It might have been,'' the director says with a laugh. ''Back in my pot-smoking days.''

What is James Cameron's next project? And can I invest in it?
''We'll talk,'' Cameron says. ''How much money do you have?''

In addition to talking about the movie, there was also a few pages devoted to interviews from Cameron and the main crew, as well as lots of gorgeous pictures and a not-as-gorgeous picture of James Cameron's face up close spanning two pages.

There you have it! Let me know if you want any extra tidbits from the article~

Nice. I saw the interview somewhere else, though I don't remember where.

The rest of it is new to me though. Nice compilation!

Txura Tirea:
Yea, you can already find a thread about it here.
Thanks for the facts though, I didn't read about those yet.  :)

That's great!
How did you get this into your email?

Suteyä Hawnuyu:
Oe fmawn a tayiyawn! Layu sìltsan!
I loved that article! It was good!

I wonder why Cameron is only going to work in 3-D, now. Some people really dislike it, and I would not like it if every movie was 3-D in theatres. :-/


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