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Ni`awtu Sìlron`zem:
So, I who is your favourite Na'vi?

This can vary from Main--Supporting roles.

I am stuck between Jake and Tsu'tey. Although Jake wasn't a proper Na'vi (if you think about it), he was at the end of the film.

Jake is a good characters, fairly interesting. But, in saying that, he was a character that was normal. I do understand that the rest were but, I don't know.

However, Tsu'tey was somewhat more interesting, (for me at least) He seemed to be a d*ck early on in the film. But, he did eventually get respect for Jake. Further on in the Film, I realised he was a kinder person that what I initially thought. Although he was a bit Stubborn, arrogant and ignorant. If you really think about him, he was only trying to do what he could for the Clan he was going to lead. Not only this, but because Jake's Avatar body was not a genuine Na'vi body, so Tsu'tey saw this as, somewhat of a Danger.

When Tsu'tey died, I was actually shocked. We saw this Character finally be the Clan leader, finally take a liking to Jake and finally listen to him. But then he died. To be honest, I would really like to see Tsu'tey again in Avatar 2, whether he is somewhat revived (highly improbable), if it is a Flashback etc.

Anyway, I would most probably go for Tsu'tey. But, maybe Jake. Not sure..

What about you guys? Who would you go for?

Eana Unil:
Well, there are so many more official characters outside of the first movie... From the game or the Cirque du Soleil show "Toruk", for example, like Ralu, Entu, Tsyal, ... And there are even more unofficial characters from fanfics and such.

As for the movie, I'd go with Neytiri (of course), Peyral (at least I guess that lean young female hunter is her), Mo'at (I like her attitude and movement) and that one nameless male Omatikaya who can be seen several times in the movie, for example when Jake is being captured and "escorted" to Kelutral that guy behind him who holds a knife to his tswin. He's just sayrìp nìtxan hrh and his face very interesting to me.

Jake is ok, too, I guess, although he's clearly never been my favorite.
His arch and character development is interesting indeed, but a bit too simple imho. Ignorant human learns about the Na'vi, intends to betray them for his own good, falls in love with them, betrays them nonetheless because he couldn't think of a better solution earlier, falls, gets back up, is the hero of the day, wins the war and is given the probably greatest gift a human could ever receive on Pandora... Meh. Yeah, okay I guess. But imho he'll never be truly a Na'vi, I mean, how could he? Hybrid body, human mind who loves and learns about the Na'vi every day until his last breath.

I've never really liked (or hated) Tsu'tey, tbh... Imho he's too disdainful for my taste. Even though you're right, ma Nì'awtu, that he's just done what was best for his people, he still showed his contempt towards Jake a bit too openly for my taste.

As for Na'vi enthusiasts created content, I'd clearly say several of my own characters (Mäu, Ikani, Kxavu) and that albino Na'vi guy from DrowElfMorwen, because I find that approach towards Na'vi albinism extremely fascinating.

I've considered this before, favorite Na'vi, Neytiri. Hands down. (all eight of them)

Jake is an Avatar, so for me that excludes him from a list of Na'vi, in the first movie at least.
Tsu'tey had his GF stolen from him by Jake, Jake treated Neytiri badly (looked at from Tsu'tey's perspective) and Jake sold out Neytiri, the Omaticaya, and by extension Eywa, all Na'vi, and their entire world (looked at from their perspective perspective).
On balance, I feel Tsu'tey's dislike of Jake is understandable.
Also, having watched and re-watched Tsu'tey's reaction to Jake turning up as Toruk Makto, I believe he only agreed to fly with Jake, because it is within Na'vi culture that you kinda have to.
Perhaps he was also unsettled by the fact that he's now chief, but has effectively been trumped by the same human who stole his GF, and who might now steal his tribe too. Watch the reaction as Jake pledges allegiance (sort of) to him, that looks like massive relief with a touch of pride.

Jake is interesting, after the end of the movie, he is Jake's mind in an avatar body that is a blend of Na'vi genetic material with some of his twin brother Tommy's DNA added.
(the effects of which I subtly hinted at in one of my fanfics, but might one day explore more deeply)

Ni`awtu Sìlron`zem:

I know understand people's opinions and my own even more.

Neytiri is the beautiful princess, the object of comtemplation for many fans and both Jake and Tsu'tey. Therefore, I'd pass
Tsu'tey despite his character, represents the values of the Neolithic warrior. So I'd vote for him.
Mo'at represents the soul of her clan and the Na'vi as a whole. She's the matriarch of the Na'vi, so I'd vote for her, too.

Jake is the hero of the movie, but he's clumsy and he betrayed. Well, he's a not a Na'vi anyway.
Grace is not a Na'vi, but she deserves the honor for being a supporter of the Na'vi side.

According to my values, I'd take Mo'at.


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