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What makes AVATAR (and its fans) sad

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Hi all

Numerous fans of AVATAR say that the movie somehow makes them sad. Or even depressed. That goes for me too. I've been thinking why that is. I have two theories.

Reason #1.): Contrast to Earth
The obvious "it's always greener on the other side". Pandora is more beautiful, unspoiled, "sexier", younger, not overpopulated, all life is one big family, much more opportunities, etc. Obviously that's all better and more attractive than Earth and it's exactly what Cameron wanted to transport his message(s). Obviously this has the same effect as showing an inmate of a prison a nice sandy beach...
It's no real surprise that this effect makes people sad to have to return to their overpopulated, stinking cities without any job opportunities, etc.

Reason #2.) Truths and Lies
Avatar is full of symbolism, morals and truths about humans. And, like most Hollywood films, it's also full of lies. You know, the lies that sell a product, for instance: "The good guys win!", etc.
Only in this movie, all these things are so obvious, that the observer automatically detects which things are true and which are not.
It's true that human beings are horrible, mean and do the cruelest things to each other when in groups, for money or fame. We all feel that the felling of the home tree is "true". It's something that does happen, in many different contexts. And that's what's really depressing about AVATAR.
The strong prey on the weak, the weak are exploited, f***ed over, raped, castrated, driven away, murdered, disrespected, etc., just because those stronger have the means to do it.
On the other hand, we know the happy ending of AVATAR, the turnaround is a complete "lie".
There is no "Eywa" on Earth that comes to the rescue of the weak.
We simply know the bad stuff is true, the good stuff is your average Hollywood lie.
AVATAR is a mix between a "symbolic documentary" showing us what's bad and a typical fairy tail, where we know we're being lied at, where the good guys win.
The harsh conclusion is: Good exists in fairy tales. In reality, the bad is true and the norm.
That's depressing.

Toruk Makto:
You missed the next step, which is the minor premise of the film.

Where Earth is broken, fix it.

Human No More:
I think about and discuss this a lot... both are true for me at least.
Also, so much more.  Neytiri is perfect, and she inspired me to look for real, true love.

The Na'vi are, both physically and in terms of living, what I want to be
I want a world free of all he problems humans create... but as long as the majority of humans are the ayskxawng they always have been it won't happen :(
Other than that, it's just real freedom, and a sense of really being close to to other people :)

'Oma Tirea:

--- Quote from: Markì on November 17, 2010, 11:03:41 am ---You missed the next step, which is the minor major premise of the film.

Where Earth is broken, fix it.

--- End quote ---

Although it seems like Cameron went through a lot, picking up inspiration along the way...

I like the way Cameron put it in the Brazil Dam section of the extended edition: we need to find the happy medium between our prosperous, technological lives and the health of the environment and become, as he put it, "Techno-indigenous". It's unfortunate that we have lost the ancient wisdom that let our forebears live perfectly in tune with the world, and the world is very different today anyway, even if we had not. But we can still find the middle way. When in doubt, make the choice that heals the world, i guess. I know i'm going to do all i can to find that balance, to support green, sustainable energy, and eliminate wastefulness from my life in every way i know how. That's the lesson i bring away from Avatar, and it meters the melancholy a lot. :)


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