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Avatar banned in China!

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On the news page on Yahoo I read this terrible topic. China is planning to prohibit the normal version of the movie this Weekend. From Saturday only the 3D version is allowed. I think this ban would exclude the majority of the Chinese from this movie because the technology of 3D is very expensive and maybe only available in few cinemas in Beijing and Shanghai. The public authorities of probaganda see the problem that many Chinese people identify themself with the Na'vi of the movie. However they are many similarities between the Chinese government and the RDA, both accept forced displacement of people without any compansation. They are many examples like Tibet or the big Yanghse River Dam. The government fears the massage of the film thus they prohibit it. 


Atoki Atanyä:
I can see the Tibet thing pretty easily.

Won't happen in Hong Kong - Atoki.

Nawma 'eveng:
Really? Since when? Thank god Hong Kong is "separate" from China, right Atoki?  :)

No censorship for us...for now.


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