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Greg peppers:
Wanted to make a topic on the forum for my new post about my favorite podcast out there online, Podcast about list  :palulukan: :palulukan: <~ Twitter link

Podcast about list is actually ranked number one in Israel and gives commentary on many lists you can find online with trenchant insights and observations about politics and the comedy world. It's a good laugh and a good chuckle and you should definitely drop a listen for the boys  ;D ;D If anyone else has any other favorite podcasts they like to listen to, or they want t talk about the podcast about list boys, feel free to drop a reply down below!

Hmmm, do they speak navi language?  :-\

Greg peppers:

--- Quote from: pogfreak on August 08, 2020, 08:51:14 am ---Hmmm, do they speak navi language?  :-\

--- End quote ---
If they did for one episode I feel this would be based and Na'vipilled  :ikran: :-X :-X

Pipe dreams


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