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Massive explosion in Beirut.


A massive explosion in the port area of Beirut.Reports describe the loudest bang witnesses had ever heard. Heard more than six miles away, the blast has left at least one warehouse a still burning wreck, and shattered windows across much of the city. Closer to the Port, more serious damage has left many trapped under collapsed buildings and ruble, with a stream of the wounded being ferried to hospitals.

There are also some reports of a second explosion, some reports liken it to feeling like an earthquake, others liken it to the bombings and conflicts that were a sad reality of life in the city for many years.

My heart goes out to all involved, their families and friends.


--- Quote from: archaic on August 04, 2020, 11:34:23 am ---My heart goes out to all involved, their families and friends.

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^ This ^

It's definitely shocking.


--- Quote ---According to emails exchanged by Prokoshev and a Beirut-based lawyer Charbel Dagher, who represented the crew in Lebanon, the ammonium nitrate was unloaded in Beirut's port by November 2014 and stored in a hangar.
It was then kept in that hangar for six years, despite repeated warnings from the Director of Lebanese Customs, Badri Daher, of the "extreme danger" that the cargo posed.
But public court documents CNN obtained through the prominent Lebanese human rights activist, Wadih Al-Asmar, reveal that Daher and his predecessor, Merhi, turned to Beirut's courts to help dispose of the dangerous goods multiple times from 2014 onwards.
"In our memos 19320/2014 dated 5/12/2014 and 5/6/2015 [...] we requested that your honor order the responsible Port Authorities to re-export Ammonium Nitrate that was taken off the Rhosus ship and placed in Customs hangar number 12 in Beirut port," Daher wrote in 2017.
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