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Who else is still lurking but hasn't been active?

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Just thought I should post something as I've not been around for a while and kinda vanished from LN.

I should have made this post a while ago; got really busy, decided to take a break from my internet hobbies (video games, making things for YouTube, other stuff) and focus on friends, work (oh goodness, so much work), life, other hobbies I had put off, and getting those little house chores taken care of.

I'll get back to here soon enough. Kame!

I am also less active since I have a job. But I lurk and post when I can. :)

Since I've been at Uni, I've been studying Na'vi a little less but when I start up Chrome LN is one of the sites that automatically opens up.
I still check the Dictionary for updates to translate them and that way I keep up with the new vocabulary that Pawl publishes.
But other than that I really never engage anymore, it's a little reassuring that other people check in now and then and haven't gone completely AWOL.

Tsanten Eywa 'eveng:
When i first got here i was very active but now i simply have a lot to do, focusing on job and following other stuff than here. That is what life is and we all have to move on.

I stop in now and then, but don't have anything to say. Can't seem to ever leave (not that I'd want to).  :D


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