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Welcome to Learn Na'vi Community, powered by Simple Machines® Forum (SMF) software!

SMF® is the elegant, effective, powerful and free forum software solution that this site is running. It allows users to communicate in discussion topics on a given subject in a clever and organized manner. Furthermore, it has a number of powerful features which end users can take advantage of. Help for many of SMF's features can be found by either clicking the question mark icon next to the relevant section or by selecting one of the links on this page. These links will take you to SMF's centrally-located documentation on the Simple Machines official site.

  • Registering - Many forums require users to register to gain full access.
  • Logging In - Once registered, users must login to access their account.
  • Profile - Each member has their own personal profile.
  • Search - Searching is an extremely helpful tool for finding information in posts and topics.
  • Posting - The whole point of a forum, posting allows users to express themselves.
  • Bulletin Board Code (BBC) - Posts can be spiced up with a little BBC.
  • Personal Messages - Users can send personal messages to each other.
  • Memberlist - The memberlist shows all the members of a forum.
  • Calendar - Users can keep track of events, holidays, and birthdays with the calendar.
  • Features - Here is a list of the most popular features in SMF.

For more information about how to use SMF, please see the Simple Machines Documentation Wiki and check out the credits to find out who has made SMF what it is today.

LearnNavi Community General Help and Info

To login successfully, you have to use your username (not to be confused with your display name!). A username is the name used to login to an SMF forum and it is the name you have used for register an account on this forum.

Account Security
You should pay attention to your forum account, particulary its protection. Use the logout button if you have to go or not at your computer just to prevent account theft.

Useful links: Site Rules | Group Page

Bulletin Board Code (BBC) Help

Bulletin Board Codes or BBCodes are a way to format posts in SMF and in many other places online. Some forums have special BB codes by various modifications for their need. As those codes are custom, they are not available in the official help page or SMF Online Manual.

Here you can find all BBCodes you can use on forum:

Bold / Italic / Underline / Strikethrough

Syntax [b]Text[/b]
Example [b]This text is bold.[/b]
[i]This text is italic.[/i]
[u]This text is underlined.[/u]
[s]This text is struck through.[/s]
Result This text is bold.
This text is italic.
This text is underlined.
This text is struck through.


Syntax [color=Option]Text[/color]
Example [color=blue]This text is blue.[/color]
[color=#0000ff]This text is blue.[/color]
[color=#00f]This text is blue.[/color]
[color=transparent]This text should be transparent.[/color]
Result This text is blue.
This text is blue.
This text is blue.
This text should be transparent.
There are also four special color tags: [black]Text[/black]  -  Text
[blue]Text[/blue]  -  Text
[red]Text[/red]  -  Text
[white]Text[/white]  -  Text

Font size

Syntax [size=Option]Text[/size]
Example [size=14pt]This text becomes big.[/size]
[size=20px]This text becomes big.[/size]
Result This text becomes big.
This text becomes big.

Font face

Syntax [font=Option]Text[/font]
Only fonts installed on the user's computer will be displayed, so use with caution!
Example [font=courier]This text uses the Courier font[/font]
Result This text uses the Courier font

Left / Center / Right

Syntax [left]Text[/left]
Example [left]This text is on the left side.[/left]
[center]This text is centered.[/center]
[right]This text is on right side[/right]
This text is on the left side.
This text is centered.
This text is on right side

Hyperlink and Anchor

Syntax [url]Text[/url]

The iurl tag usually links to an anchor or certain IDs (like post ID) on the same windows or browser tab. This tag can be used to link to other pages - like a normal url - but it does not open a new windows or browser tab. This tag is very useful for large posts that have a table of content.
[iurl=Link, #anchor name or #ID]Text[/iurl]
[anchor=A unique name, letter-number combination, or numbers.]Text or let it empty[/anchor]
Example [url][/url]



Syntax [email]Email[/email]
Example [email][email protected][/email]
[[email protected]]Write me an email.[/email]
Result [email protected]
Write me an email.


Syntax [table] ... [/table] defines a table
[tr] ... [/tr] defines a row
[td] ... [/td] defines a cell

One have to use all table tags together as following example:

[tr][td] ... [/td][td] ... [/td][/tr]
[tr][td] ... [/td][td] ... [/td][/tr]
Example [table]


Syntax [spoiler]Text[/spoiler]
Example [spoiler]This text is hidden.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Text]This text is hidden.[/spoiler]


Syntax [desc=Text or translation.]Text or translation.[/desc]
Example [desc=Hello!]Kaltxì![/desc]
Result Kaltxì!


Syntax [list]

[list type=Option]
The "list" element can have following as option: disc, circle, square, decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-alpha, upper-alpha

Following options can be used by replacing the first "li" element: [o], [O], [*], [@], [+], [x], [#]
[list type=circle]
[list type=square]
[list type=decimal]
[list type=lower-roman]
[list type=upper-roman]
[list type=lower-alpha]
[list type=upper-alpha]
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • 1
  • 2
    • a
    • b
      • x
      • y
    • 3
  • 4

Embed images

Syntax [img]Link to image[/img]

The img tag can have up to three optional attributes. X and Y should be a number while "alt" can have a text that will be visible in case if the image could not be loaded.
[img width=X height=Y]Link to image[/img]
[img width=X height=Y alt=Text]Link to image[/img]
Example [img][/img]
[img width=100 height=50][/img]
[img width=150 height=100 alt=Text][/img]



Syntax [quote]Quoted post[/quote]
[quote author=Author]Quoted post[/quote]
Example [quote]Quoted post[/quote]
[quote author=Author]Quoted post[/quote]
QuoteQuoted post
Quote from: AuthorQuoted post


Syntax [code]Text[/code]
Example [code]alert("Hello world!");[/code]
[code=html]alert(Hello world!);[/code]
Result alert("Hello world!");
Code (html) Select
alert(Hello world!);

PHP Code

Syntax [php]PHP Code[/php]
Example [php]<?php
echo 'Hello World!';
Result <?php
echo 'Hello World!';

Superscript and Subscript

Syntax [sup]Text[/sup]
Example Text[sup]This text is high[/sup]
Text[sub]This text is low[/sub]
Result TextThis text is high
TextThis text is low

Right-to-Left and Left-to-Right

Syntax Typical usage would be to post Arabic or Hebrew in an English forum.

Typical usage would be to post English in an Arabic or Hebrew forum.
Example [rtl]Right-to-Left![/rtl]
Result Right-to-Left!

Abbreviation and Acronym

Syntax Displays the full expression for the abbreviation or acronym on mouseover.
Example [abbr=exempli gratia]eg[/abbr]
[abbr=Simple Machines Forum]SMF[/abbr]
Result eg

More BB Codes (Syntax only)

Syntax [audio]Link to an audio file that should be a .mp3, .ogg or .wav file[/audio]
[youtube]YouTube Video ID[/youtube]
[nobbc]All BB codes and links will be disabled inside this tag.[/nobbc]
Convert a Unix Timestamp into a time recognizable by people

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