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General info on the Learn Na'vi site, wiki and forum

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Suggestions / Ideas
Do you have an idea for the site? Did something break?

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LearnNavi Community

Come say hi!

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Time Capsules
Topics saved long ago

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Na'vi of the Week
The NotW program has been parked until we get closer to the next four films. Check back later!

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Want stuff? Got stuff to sell? Post it here!

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Events / Meetups

AvatarMeet 2020
COVID-19 has changed everything... Stay tuned for updates!

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Previous AvatarMeets
Archive of past AvatarMeets

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Find other Na'vi folks close to you!

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Other Avatar-Related Events
LearnNavi's presence extends past the constraints of the Internet!

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Learn Na'vi

Welcome, newcomers! Start learning here.

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More advanced discussion of Na'vi

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nìNa'vi nì'aw
Na'vi only.

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Language updates
Official updates on words, grammar, structure. Did you find out something new? Share it here!

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Post audio examples of words or phrases here.

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Na'vi Customs and Culture
Reyfya leNa'vi. There's more to the Na'vi than just a language!

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Community Projects

Na'vi Writing Contests
Compete for fabulous prizes! (Or maybe just admiring recognition)

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General Projects / Resources
Your own projects go here. So do tutorials, images, off-site links, etc

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Learning Resources
Training materials, worksheets, translation projects

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Mobile Apps
Na'vi on the go. Application development area for iPod/iPad/iTouch/Android/etc...

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Navify the web
Na'vi everywhere. Project discussion here!

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International / Multilingual

中文 (Chinese)

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Česky (Czech)
Učte se s námi jazyk Na'vi v češtině!

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Dansk (Danish)
Lære Na'vi i dansk!

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Deutsch (German)
Lernt auf Deutsch!

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Nederlands (Dutch)
Na'vi leren in het nederlands

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Español (Spanish)
Aprendan en español!

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Français (French)
Apprenez le Na'vi en français!

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Magyarul (Hungarian)
A Na'vi nyelvről magyarul.

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Italiano (Italian)
imparare Na'vi in italiano!

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Sola lingua bona est lingua mortua.

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日本語 (Japanese)

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Polski (Polish)
Ucz się języka Na'vi po Polsku!

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Português (Portuguese)
Aprenda Na'vi em português!

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Suomi (Finnish)
Opi na'via suomeksi!

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Svenska (Swedish)
Lär dig Na'vi på svenska!

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Sub-BoardsAllmänt Na'vi

Türkçe (Turkish)
Türkçe olarak Na'vi öğrenmek (?)

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tlhIngan Hol (Klingon)
na'vIy Hol yIghoj

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General Avatar Discussion
Any topic related to Avatar

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How did they do it? Filmmaker talk here.

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Avatar 1 (formerly "The Movie")
Talk about first Avatar here. Note: Possible spoilers!

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Avatar 2 (The Way of Water)
Talk about second Avatar here. Note: Possible spoilers!

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Avatar 3, 4 and 5
News and speculations on the 3 planned sequels

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The Games
PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PSP, DS, and your thoughts on it all

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Disney's Pandora - The World of Avatar
Have you been there? What did you think?

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Avatar Books
Published Avatar literature

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Avatar Merchandise
Toys, happy meals, and other awesome things

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Environmental and Cultural Activism / News    (This section in honor of James Cameron)

Indigenous Peoples and Cultures
How we can help protect traditional and foundation cultures

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Environmental News and Events
Get involved in saving your world

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Fiction / Fanfiction
And other written homages to Avatar.

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Fan Art
Share your artwork here!

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Fan Music
In memory and honor of James Horner

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Fan Videos
Share your fan-made video projects!

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Cosplay / Costuming
Costume ideas, make-up tutorials, and other artisan methods of turning yourself Na'vi!

Moderator: Sarah Noel

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Role Play
RP and things

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Tribe (This forum is retired. All topics are read-only.)

Real-life Na'vi Tribe
Live off the land Na'vi style for a summer or for the rest of your life!

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Suggestions / Ideas
Meta discussion: Planning and suggestions

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Official Tribe Matters
Tribe discussion and planning

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Random conversations for tribe members...

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General Discussion

General Discussion
On-topic discussions about whatever

Moderator: Ftiafpi

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Let's chat about languages!

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Films from the silver screen and why we like them. Also, TV.

Moderator: Nyx

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Anime, Manga, etc. =^_^=

Posts: 269
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What do y'all play?

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Talk about your favorite music here!

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Non-Avatar artistic endeavors

Moderator: Ekirä

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The wide world of...

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Books and Literature
Read anything good lately?

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Computer Science
Not entirely unlike a tech support forum.

Moderator: Nyx

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Everybody stand back.

Moderator: Nyx

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Pictures of your Cat
And other random image threads

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Stuff for the LN community to do while waiting for the next Avatar films!  (Please keep it PG13)

Moderator: Txur’Itan

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