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Addressing The Doctrine of Discovery
« on: October 29, 2012, 09:27:39 am »
When Columbus returned to America in 1493 he Carryed a document few people are truly aware of that Forms the very deep roots behind the hate and mistrust of our people by Native Americans "The Doctrine of Discovery" (It has far larger reach then just north amarica but for now I will focus on its impact "here" that has driven a very deep wedge of mistrust and hate and effects the deep foundation of our laws and land rights policy today)  This Papal Bull was handed down from rome and proclaims that if there are no christan nations in these new lands you have discovered I declare those lands to be "Empty" "Empty Land" futhermore if there are peoples there that are not Christans they do not have a right of title to land, One would think that in this day and age (The example I am speaking about happened in 2007 ! ) this Edict and all policy founded from this would be abolished It is not, its still binding in policy "Today", I am going to link to a speach by Native American wisdom keeper and speaker Elder Oren Lyons as he speaks on this deep issue, Out of intrest we conducted a poll and simply asked people "Do you know of The Doctrine of Discovery ? " In Burlington Vermont almost 85 % of 150 people asked had no idera at all and those that did studyed native american history, I feel its an issue our people realy need to be educated on if we are ever to address our past and present issues and start to heal from them as a people. I will include a link to Oren Lyons speach and if one searches youtube on the subject one will see there are groups that have abolished there links to injustice from our past. (It is very important to for me to say I have no bad will on the practice of christanity and indeed there are examples of church orgnations who have abolished all traces of this edict in there policy today.)



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