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Avatar and The Kogi Message
« on: October 29, 2012, 10:31:04 am »
In addresing the true power of Global Change Avatar had on peoples awareness Film maker Alan Ereira speakes on the film "Aluna" and the Message the Kogi people of Columbia wish to share with our people this interview was done in 2010 and the film has now been completed The Kogi are Ancesters of the Tairona people and have very ancient roots traceable back over hundred generations they are "unique" in the fact that they where never colonized by outside forces
in 1990 the Kogi asked Alan Ereira to help them make a film that film called "The elder brothers warning" this is watchable on youtube at it tells the story of the Kogi people and there message to us, The Kogi feel the film was a Failure in convaying there message to the Younger brother "Us" there fealings on its flaw they now feel they understand "why" they summoned Alan Ereira back to say that we did not actually listen to what they said. We are incapable of being changed by being "spoken" to. They now understand that we learn through our eyes, not our ears. Avatar uses symbolic examples and a Fantasy story that "mirrors" real world issues that reflect back in some people on our inner memorys, It shows it does not tell us what we allready know, The line "I See you" has very deep roots indeed that call on our our understanding on how we grasp anothers issues from our deep rooted inner humanity and understanding of our inner accountabilty as a human being our "bond" to each other and the natural world some see this some don't The Film "Aluna" the mind inside nature is an attempt by the kogi to "Show us through our eyes" They want to teach us to directly how to "see" Alan the film maker asked them just how do you plan to do this The kogi told him they will show us what our Science fails to grasp by teaching our scientists about the forces that bind our world together, here is Alan's interview on linktv , I would also like to link to a song inspired by the kogi called "no ones slave" that is an artistic reflection on there message to our people

Irayo (Thank you)


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