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An real world example of native community leadership structure
« on: November 27, 2013, 10:51:09 pm »
I would simply like to share this example of Leadership structure in native communitys for those who have intrest.
The speaker second speaker is Chief Oren Lyons (Native American)-(Onondaga) many of Avatars underlying examples have real world roots.
"mirrored" from native cultures around our world its my hope that people will see these examples and deeper look deeper into
the "structure" of native communites and what "weaves" them together.
and reflect upon the multi-generational feeings there people hold inside.
and what they face "today.
I will list two examples both from the same people

The first is a core look at there distant past history before European peoples arrived where there people themselves went through "A time of great sorrow" it speaks of the underlying structure of there community and leadership and of some very deep "thought" and "inner wisdom" on how they themselves  resolved there past
issues in a non-topical manor.
it also speaks of the deep value of of a single voice guided by ones Inner insight and Heartfelt understanding the "Human element" we all hold "Deep inside"  this is critical In helping a person truly core "see" the underlying root issues driving our collective actions with ones own "eyes", This deeply reflects on many of the issues our people face in our world "today" this is a "living Tradition very much alive in our world today and there is nothing Intangable about it (In reflection to peoples core feelings with Avatar)" " and yes Avatars story has very deep underlying roots here that people can relate to and "Feel" deep inside.
 Its very important to note that while this is the viewpoint of the Haudenosaunee and deeply reflects "Natural Law"
It is "shared" globaly by many native peoples around our world from there own unique cultural viewpoints as well.

 This second example speaks of what they face today in traveling down
this road of life "Sometimes called "The Red Road" Chief Oren Lyons
speaks of the meaning of Leadership and of being in service to
"The People" when they speak of "empowerment" this impacts far more
deeply then one thinks as there Leadership is required to acknowledge
the impact of there "desisions" upon a persons "sense of self" and sense of place" they are heald "Accountable" by a system of checks and ballences
and there leadership "includes" both male and female viewpoints.
where the Clan mother can strip a male leader of his power if she feels
his actions will impact upon the "well being of the people" .  
They speak of the 3 things that must come to be.
(I see you)  (I hear your voice) (I have the strength to speak)"
These also reflect upon a persons humble "empowerment"
to "share" with others the wisdom we all hold hold deep inside.
to establish " face to face dialog and "relations with the community" and share collective viewpoints on how to address the multi-generational issues
that will impact upon the generations to come.
the issues we all face,

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Re: An real world example of native community leadership structure
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2013, 08:53:25 pm »
I find it very interesting.
If someone posted subtitles (because I, for example, can not perceive an English speech at the hearing), it would be a great thing that, in my opinion, increases karma in future incarnations.

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Re: An real world example of native community leadership structure
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2013, 11:12:01 am »
English subtitles are being worked on , many of the underlying consepts being spoken on reflect upon a universal core part of our understanding , and its quite
posable this is the underlying reason people themselves went through such a deep experences with Camerons film (Avatar).
I have put a lot of effort and research into this and its very hard to represent some of these underlying "Spiritual"  topics through the language of Science.
its my hope other people will "share" other examples from around the world,, its not easy to Define the feelings of the Avatar experence through the language
of "science" though many sure make an effort to "Try" It's importantTo keep things simple, down to earth and as "universal" as posable.
This makes it easy for people from many cultures to "Relate" to.
I beleve one of Camerons hopes is that through Avatar and its "Mirrored" examples people would come to a much deeper understanding of
the value of ones core Heartfelt understanding and how it impacts upon our abilty to "See" and core "Respect each other and form deeper "relationships"
(The Bond) these issues touch on the deepening "Sense of seperation" people are dealing with in our world "today"
Getting people to sit down and share thoughts and feelings on the "roots" often unseen underling issue I feel is very important.
When one takes a non-topical look at native Worldview and the deep thought and wisdom that goes into there Community and leadership structure
it helps to "weave" together or "Bridge" our own understanding on a very deep part of "Who we are". and why we act the way we do.
there are people trying to "define this through science" and this is important like Lynne Mc Tagget and her book "The Bond"

This is all being presented as if its something new , but in reality it has been understood by native peoples going back many generations.
Avatar found a way to present this in a way "some"  our people can touch on "Feel" and experence ourselves, yet many of the films underlying refrences come from "real" living sources very alive in our world today , the film is "Seen" by ones inner understanding, that so "Resonates" and Relates" on a far deeper
level then one thinks.
Avatar could be "Seen" as both a "Bridge" and a "Seed" to deeper understanding.      

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