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Chief Jake swamp refects on the impact of Multigenerational Trauma


Chief Jake swamp (now deceased) speaks upon his life's work continued by leaders in there community today when he speaks of the arrival of another kind of people with a "diffrent mind" and the Suffering they caused that still impact The people today,, he refects upon a powerful dream he shared and the importance of moving forward --> in healing the issues of the past. His people there leaders and family continue this work today, In Jakes own words     

"We all have gifts and knowledge to share with the world", but we can't do this if we have not been healed of our anger from the stories of grief told to us by our ancestors. That healing will be the purpose of the gathering of condolence." - Tekaronianeken (Jake Swamp), Wolf Clan of the Mohawk Nation, October 2010"


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