Dakota Pipeline Protest Camp has been evacuated

Started by Vawmataw, February 22, 2017, 08:33:28 PM

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Protesters opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline torched their encampment Wednesday after being ordered to evacuate the area. The makeshift campsite served as a rallying point for thousands of protesters trying to block the pipeline's path near the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota.

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This makes me so angry, the government just do everything for money  >:(
They even decided to make it legal, that the drivers could kill the water protectors, luckly they denied it:
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In refection to the events that have happened revolving around the protests for the Dakota access pipeleine ,, We are really dealing with a lot deeper embedded internal issues then many truly understand , an issue I stumbled into and internaly grappled with after exploring Avatar's Refective layers, and why they "felt" the way they did. as well as taking the time to "listen" to many peoples deep non topical internaly "refective" experences after the film  ,, I am going to talk about the issue and importance of indigenous sovereignty in regards to issues of  the lack of recognition of indigenous ancestral land protection and land stewardship that these people have held sacred for generations , The issue "runs code" unseen the foundation stones of our nation and its Land title recogntion laws and rarely talked about , We asked people if they knew what it was and they had not a clue .. its an issue that is a tougth nut to crack as its also embedded internal into the roots of a number of our Religious instutions , and note I said there "Instutions" ,, Two speakers ,, "The Deep Issue revolving running under what they call "The Doctrine of Discovery"  It is not just "past historical issue" that holds no standing today,  its roots are still very much active today (As of 2022) and have been used By our supreme court to deeply impact and undermine indigenous peopels say in what can happen upon there (Ancestral) home lands , I think we all should be asking "What is it really" ?  and why have I not heard about it ?    Three speakers on this Topic.   Steven Newcomb   Oren Lyons   and trying to address the issue from inside the instution ,, Mark Charles ....  most people just attribute it to Greed and that is a big part of it , but there are much deeper internal layers at work here.  I also want to bring up a very important topic , Perseption of reality wise  ones ownership of the actual physical land itself is as deepy an "Alien" consept to the Indigious mind (Or way of seeing) as would be ones ownership of the Sun , Moon , And the Stars.  Our people have allways fought to perserve our "Rights". and Protect our Free'dom.. but we dont have a clue as to internal origins of words embedded within roots our own Language..  To Core address the internalconflit issues that indigious peopels have faced for well over half a Century , That Doctrine of Discovery code needs to exposed and purged from all of our systemic processes ...