How the US stole thousands of Native American children

Started by allrock123, November 19, 2019, 01:29:00 PM

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This topic and awareness upon it needs to be touched upon with many layers of deep sensitivity,,  Reflection upon it after Seeing Avatar and looking back upon our own history drove many deep inner questions. Its not an issue that just impacted the United States, and it even brought an awareness and concern about the source roots running under under commonly used cultural identity terms governments use like "Native American" or "Indians" and seeds of where they came from.  Many that I have shared examples from already , one of the most difficult issues we face today is related to our ability to internally address race relations issues that where woven into the roots of our peoples source code, and  that go back over a thousand years coming from the essence issues of the human tribalism response. native nations faced many these issues as well , "but" some of the examples of how they dealt with them may be a powerful and humbling  lifes lesson our people need to take a deeper look at. the example of "Jakes" careful and heartfelt choose of words during his dialog with Neytiri where he asks "I need your help" take on a deeper meaning when he is also dealing with the issue internally and discovering for himself the importance of the value of looking back at these perceptions  from from a new pair of eyes ..