The Search for Jigonsasah

Started by allrock123, September 01, 2019, 08:28:23 PM

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The Search for Jigonsaseh the lost history of the great peace women  (as told by presenter Marcine "Niwawehnsie" Quenzer) 



It took me a long time and a lot of inner soul searching to discover this history and I hope people might take a deeper look at it and the history of her people and the questions it brings to mind ..  , The key role and lineage tree line of her work holds some powerful hidden history into the roots and expression structures of a people who where able to internally address the roots of a long standing epic conflict "there time of great sorrow" that occurred long before Europeans arrived upon the shores of what is now North America.  The role and importance of a Clan mother within there leadership circles (and the leadership circles of some other native nations)  is just as vital today for many deep reasons having to do with the roots of multi-generational knowledge and wisdom upon human primal behavior, (we call it the human tribalism response) her voice and perspectives "must be there" just as the importance of the Reflective role that Moat and Neytiri hold and demonstrate within Avatar's Story verse.. and these shared alternative Perspective of reality examples impact why it feels the way it does  , as well as the understanding of the importance of there Matriarchal societal structures .  One might also core "see" the Parallels and recognition elements within many aspects of Avatar's mirror story in regards to its artistic and internal reflective representations  , Avatar's
story verse holds sublime recognition to the "expression structure space" and alternate perceptions of reality that indigenous peoples around our world share and presents them in a way we can "see" inside.  sometimes our inner spirit is able to recognize these elements from a very unique place of internal understanding and build a bridging perspective.. ..   How I came to discover and recognize aspects of the silent history of these peoples deep wisdom would have not been possible without the journey of internal source discovery brought about by Cameron's and Crew's Shared Dream.. theres a lot more detail to this story and its history but I can share this example I have shared it before there are two parts so follow the link to the second part ..