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Professor Robert Miller: The Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny


I would like to share this talk with the community it reflects upon aspects of our history that lie at the heart of the native struggle as well as deep human "ethics" and justification issues and it applys to many locations around our world.
These strutures maybe of special interest to forum members as well as a not well known "landmark ruling" example in Australia called The "Mabo" ruling 2 that took place in 1992 , but first one must understand "What is behind the roots of Manifest Destiny ? when was the term coined and the history and people behind it but more importantly the work people are doing
to try and address them.. this naturaly lies in reflection to underlying reflective aspects of Avatar's story as well as one will see
I speak of the importance of the "Mabo ruling" in Australia as an example of "true reconciliation" for original peoples ,, and I hope people
will take the time to look at aspects of that case , of interest is how it could be applied here in North America as well ..   




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