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Reconciling Ways of knowing series.


This Series of talks hosted by The Turtle lodge may be of interest to forum members interesting in learning about Indigenous perspectives.

 Reconciling Ways of Knowing Series, Dialogue 1: "Why Reconciling Ways of Knowing?"


Reconciling Ways of Knowing Dialogue 2: Enacting Ethical Space in Knowledge Sharing

Reconciling Ways of Knowing Series, Dialogue 3: "Braiding Ways of Knowing"

Reconciling Ways of Knowing, Dialogue 4: “Two-Eyed Seeing & Beyond”

Reconciling Ways of Knowing “Drawing on Indigenous Knowledge in Responding to COVID-19.”

Watched first two, need to find time for remaining three ;D

Very interesting, thanks for sharing here :)


--- Quote from: Toliman on December 16, 2020, 07:02:31 am ---Watched first two, need to find time for remaining three ;D

--- End quote ---
And I found. Very interesting!

Again, irayo for sharing here!

Thank you

You're welcome :) These stuff is always interesting for me.


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