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The Bond ,,Kogi and Avatar
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:49:17 am »
There has been a lot of talk on foundations of Avatar and why people related to them so stongly
a lot of this has to with how the film "presents" its viewpoints to the Cinema audience
one of the underlying concepts in the film speaks on "Bonds" that keep there world in
Ballance That Pandora is a "living "connected world on a grand scale"
Eywa is seen as The Mother" "The mind inside nature" "All life is connected" while Avatars fiction connects this
to a central point "The tree of Souls" to make its story work its far more likely to be decentalised in the real
world "science has recently found that plants can pass chemical messages to each other on a far more vast
scale then was ever realised "they are just starting to "see" this that they can "react" to threats and prepare
defences , this is likely happening on a far more vast scale accross the Globe
The Kogi of Columbia have a very deep conection to the natural world and there leaders have a very unique
upbringing that "ties them in with this "bond" They beleve its there role to help heal the earth and they reflect
on many of core  concepts the "Na'vi hold.
They from there cultural viewpoint call "The mother and her bonds"  "Aluna"
and they see a real threat to the unseen damage our people are causing they are very frightened
Alan Ereira Filmmaker speaks on the exampes of Avatar "from his viewpoint it was our people that helped
the na'vi when it was them that should have been helping "US" I have heard viewpoint before from other native
leaders , "But" I beleve Jake was more "Na"vi" then Human at the time he sided with them, so he had become
one of them "rebirth example" .this brings this viewpoint into queston on a number of levels.



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