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Haudenosaunee a "living Tradition" Great law of peace
« on: September 25, 2013, 07:51:16 am »
I think you might find these examples intresting , this is a talk given by
members of the haudenosaunee people in upper new york it speaks on
there customs past history in dealing with conflits, leadership structure and desire to address issues in our world today the foundations for "the great law of peace"
and the fact there leadership are expected to recognise the importance of ones
"sense of self" and how this applys to the well being of the commuity make there examples very down to earth on "human understanding" they have a very strong grasp
on the importance of ones core "feelings" that go back many generations
there underlying storys may have had a major role under avatars story
with the legend of "turok makto" they brought togeter "5" tribes
after a "time of great sorrow" they also recognose a deep part of ones inner understanding that "each person holds inside " this they call ones
"orenda spirit"

In speaking on the great law "The hardest part of the great law,, Is to understand the meaning of the consept of "peace" Peace is not simply the absence of war. In the Iroquoian mind,, "peace'" is a "state of mind ". each "indvidual" has a "Base spiritual power", as you go through life as Hausdenosaunee. experence diffrent things , learn more, coprehend more ,and tap into other forms of spiritual power , your own spirit grows as well. The old timers called it "O'ren'da" everyone is thought to have it to some degree, It effects how we do things. It is a part of our heartfelt core understanding. Good minds have strong Orenda. so the ultmate power of the great law rests on "how well the indidual person develops there sense of "self" in regards to the well being of others in the clan,. In the village,, in the nation,, and in the confedracy of the six nations. (orignaly five )
The fact that there ruling body is expected to reconise the importance of each persons "Sense of Self" and the well being of "The people" over anything else makes this example of leadership very "unique". I think there is a lot to be learned here through this example, as said before In speaking to young people on some of there deepest frustrations what they often speak on is a feeling revolving around a "lack of a true sense of self" a lack of place as well as a lack goverment leadership "accountability" there is a real sense of frustration as they speak and there voices "are not heard" they all feel the same things inside, and they all share a strong dream for a better future.

If one wold like to see the history roots of this understanding "look here"
and be patient "listen to what former leader "Jake Swamp" as to say on
"Condolence" and the 3 things that must be addresed"



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