The Journey of the Peacemaker:

Started by allrock123, July 30, 2023, 08:55:32 AM

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The story of the peacemaker lies at the heart of Haudenosaunee culture and speaks of how the peacemaker worked over many years to resolve a great conflit among there people's , Many of us have heard bits and pieces of this story in history class, "but" they almost allways leave a lot of the crucial key layers out. Its underlying layers of conflict resolution in how there people dealt the one known of as Tadadaho touch upon a very unique perspective upon the layers of indigious wisdom.. Some may even find layers within Avatar's story that are somewhat refective of this given James Camerons knowledge of there peopels deep history..

Story told by: Bill Crouse of Seneca nation 

Part one: The Peacemakers Journey

Part two: Attotaro - Peacemakers Journey

Part three: Ha:yëwënta' - Peacemakers Journey

Part four: Ha:yëwënta' Continued & Jigöhsasë'

Part five: The Five Nations Accept the Message of Peace