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Tibeten Bon culture knowledge: Lucid dreams as a bridge between realities


This is a short TED talk by Chongtul Rinpoche where he reflects upon some of the principles of the roots of Tibetan Indigenous "Bon" knowledge upon some of the tools there culture recognizes in relation to the spiritual wisdom importance of the voice of ones dream perception.. This might be of interest to Avatar fans in refection to many roots of the films story references for example the key lyrics to the song "I see you"

Lucid dreams as a bridge between realities | Chongtul Rinpoche | TEDxFultonStreet


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Many indigenous cultures (And the examples that resonate for some within the Film Avatar as well) recognize the core importance of person finding and living ones Dream, (Jakes dream hunt ceremony as an example) the expression of ones unique individual gifts  and a place to share the "voice" of there spiritual expression within a community venue or expression space allowing for us to share perspectives of dreams or visions that one experiences that may be of help to others or "the people" as a whole.. our society's structures and religious perspectives "lock out" or represses this form of internal expression. and will often strongly label a person that try's to do so as person with a serious mental illness..most native peoples "see" this form of expression as a Gift , they hold different perceptions then we do,, for example when seen through our lens ,, the word "creator" will fall under the assumption of a "God being" (usually in the perspective of a male king image) The Na'vi have a female deity and this is true for any culture with religious world view roots.. "but" we forget there are other perspectives of reality, it depends upon lens of ones internal cultural identity ,, I have friend from the Cherokee or better said "Tsalagi" (pronounced Cha-la-gi) nation he is a war veteran and a "recognized" spiritual healer who helped many wounded warriors heal from tramma both physically and spiritually,   Dreams are a very important part of there peoples spiritual expression. There people and the lens they see through "recognize" the "creator" is an "it" both male and female, "it" is more like a ballence essence force "The mind inside nature" it is not a king or a deity , some call "it" the great mystery. but our people will assume and label there creator as a God as an example,, naturally This often leads to the creation of some deep false "stereotypes". anyway shared dreams can change the world as Martin Luther kings historical I had a dream statement within his speech "reflected" we all share that dream as well..

The Achuar peoples of the Amazon Rainforest include Dream Expression space within there daily community social dialog , often issues of community challenges are resolved by looking at things from another perspective (Avatar's story examples are noted for this as well we see or recognize this deep inside)  seeded by examples shown to a person within a Dream that is then shared within the community circle, addressing the issues of the outside world are taken on at this level as well..


Interesting :D

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