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This is a topic I feel many may find of interest in deep regards to European actions in history involving a root "influence seed" few are aware of ... This "seed" was used to "justify" many actions that today would be considered "genocide" 
I would simply suggest taking a look at the history behind "Social Darwinism" and the roots behind the "Eugenics" movement , the peoples that where involved and how they abused the structure of "religious" authority to try and alter peoples "perceptions" on our relations  with many indigenous peoples as well as some of the biggest "scars" in history impacting Race relations , from "Hitler" , To Slavery ,, to aboriginal peoples in Australia , and of course Native North and South Americans.. "Social Darwinism" is the result of a mans "Twist" on so called "Science" principles and the statement "Survival of the fittest" this man was "Hurbert Spencer" Incorrectly applying Darwins theory's (that many aspects have been ruled wrong today) to "society's structures" creating the "eugenics movement" while many see the examples of symbolgy presented in Avatar as deeply upsetting the question as to deep roots how a people could ever come to "justify" such actions has been quite a "mystery" while I will never say "Social Darwinism" was the only issue I feel it does answer quite a big part of the puzzle.. I also feel its very important to make these "structures" visible "so the general population can core "See" them for what they are. and address the underlying issues at the roots , do take care to avoid conspiracy and misdirection when looking at these issue as well as look into how "religious" venues where used  how for example is the church addressing these manors today, take a look at the roots of the Doctrine of discovery as an example, How would these issues impact our peoples underlying "Ethos" (the values lens we see through)
I believe many of these issues where touched upon by people who had depression experiences after seeing Avatar what are peoples thoughts in this ?

There are a number of perspectives on "Social Darwinism" and "Eugenics"  with both negative and positive aspects.

One by the BBC on youtube   "Scientific Racism The Eugenics of Social Darwinism:
 that presents negative aspects in history (some graphic images shown here)

As well as a more balanced talk on youtube called   "Darwinism, Eugenics and Religion"

When we look at brewing conflict issues today with "extremist groups like Isis" and the counter "reaction" here in the united states
with political , and the rise religious extremism here today, I feel "seeing the roots of these structures is vital.         

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