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Name: Coyote

Alter Ego: Arik Shaham

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA Research & Development team

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green/Grey

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Caucasian

Age: Physical Age, 30; Technically 36 due to transit in cryosleep.

Powers and abilities: Military skills, natural artist, trained in geology.

Distinguishing Marks: None really; kind of a blends-in-anywhere type guy.

Most used phrases: "I have learned the value and freedom of not giving a tinker's damn."

Mannerism: Fairly orderly and neat, clean, but doesn't try to impose the same on others. Laid back and pretty accepting of other peoples' outlooks and ideas. Dislikes arrogant, pushy, bossy and short-tempered people... because those are the ones that cause problems for everyone. He's sarcastic and a bit of an iconoclast, although he sees the value in having hierarchy and structure.

Sexual Orientention: Straight, but has said on at least one occasion that for three million dollars, he could be "confused" for an evening.

Martial Status (current or recent): Never married; walked away from what might have been a good relationship to come to Pandora.

Parents: Father Moshe Shaham, mother Sarah Goldfarb; divorced when Arik was about 10.

Family(if any): Sister Na'ama, with whom he has only recently become re-acquainted. She is at Hell's Gate also, working as an anthropologist.

Favourite Food: Sushi, Pizza, Hamburges and fries. Real coffee. Emphasis: real coffee.

Least Favourite Food: The stuff they give them in the chow hall, which he refers to as "ass stew". Not a big fan of spicy foods, either.

Weakness(es): Pretty girls; the opportunity to be lazy and procrastinate.

Fears: That coming here was a big mistake.

Best environment: Small team of respectable peers who share similar intersts.

Worst environment: Large groups of excessively structured people with a lot of hard-ass micro-managing bosses running around shouting for no reason.

Significant History: Arik and his sister Na'ama were Israeli Jews growing up in the United States, and held dual citizenship. Around the time when Arik was 10, and his sister 5, their mother suddenly decided to get religion and move to Israel. Their father didn't want to give up his big fat job in the USA where he was making money hand over fist. The parents divorced, and for awhile the kids bounced back and forth between Jerusalem and New York. Over time, Na'ama drifted towards their mother while Arik stayed more in his father's orbit.

At 18, Arik joined the US Army and serves as a Ranger for 6 years, seeing fighting in some of the more active brushfire wars. Despite good reports and a good aptitude for soldiering, he wanted something more laid back and got out to take advantage of the GI Bill. He majored in geology, with some studies in art and architecture since he had a natural talent for illustration.

When his sister contacted him to tell him about her new position at RDA, and he went to the RDA website himself, he was intrigued and applied himself. The RDA offered a job for fit young geologists to help develop mining claims on Pandora, he jumped at what seemed like a major opportunity, walking away from a very good relationship that showed promise at the time.

Now, Arik has been assigned an Avatar body so that he can explore geological claims without the dangerous restrictions of a rebreather mask. He typically goes with a small team of two or three other Avatars to explore potential unobtanium sites for exploitation. He takes soil and rock samples and determines ease of mining, purity, local water tables, soil stability, etc. The other members of his team are another Geologist, and at least one anthropologist, sometimes his sister. They know Na'vi so he can concentrate on his work, but he will learn as time goes by.

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Lehrrap Uniltìranyu

Name: Lehrrap Uniltíranyu
Character Name: James "Jax" Legain
Gender: Male
Age: 22, 28 due to cyro.
Occupation: Samson SA-2/ Combat Gunship Pilot
Team/side: RDA Reasearch & Development team.
Experiance Speaking Na'Vi: He read a textbook on the matter.
Apperance: (Think "What if he had BDU's on?" And you get what my character looks like.)
Powers/Abilitys: Martial Artist, can fly just about anything with a manual as long as he gets a few moments to read the manual on it, very quick learner.
Distinguishing Marks: Always wears a pair of leather fingerless gloves, and has a small silver ring on his right middle finger.
Most Used phrases: "And the proof that you're not stupid is... what again?"
"Yeah, let me step a few paces this way so I don't get caught in the explosion when you kill yourself, ok?"
"I snark and I'm proud of it."
Mannerisms: Typical Military Man. Organised and drilled when in public, when he has some time alone, relaxed and focused. Always on guard for someone to try something due to someone trying to mug him back on Earth.
Sexual Orientation: Straight (OOC: 2 on the Kinsly Scale)
Parents: Father Rai Legain, mother died at birth
Favorite Food: Edibles
Least Favorite Food: Escargo, due to food poisioning one time.
Weaknesses: Can be kinda snarky, can get very sulky and pissed off if someone rubs him the wrong way.
Fears: Being afraid.
Best Enviroment: In the cockpit of his Samson SA-2, flying.
Worst Enviroment: Anywhere not high up and contained in small areas.
Training: 3 years USMC gunship flightschool, one year combat flying.
History: Jax was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on a very cold winter day, into a military family that lived on the the airbase close by. His father, a fight instructure, raised Jax all by himself, teaching Jax everything he could from a very young age.

At six years old, he already had taken a love to flying and being up high, and got a pilot's permit at 10 years old. He has been flying ever since that day.

After he reached Sixteen years old, Jax dropped out of highschool and went into a private military acdamay, specificly USMC air school. Here, he got all the training in close quarters combat and air-to-air, air-to-surface, and flight training he needed for a very long military life.

It was cut short though, by the death of his father after his first year on tour. By then, his contract with the military had run out. RDA approaced him with a need of experience Samson A-2 pilots for something they were calling the 'Avatar' poject, on Pamdora.

With nothing else holding him on Earth and a need for some cash, Jax signed up immedietly, buying himsef a copy of a English to Na'Vi dictionary so that he could start to learn some the language out of curiosity before he got shot out into space with the 200 other people who were going to join him at the legendary military base, Hell's Gate.

"Ta'em 'eko!!!"
"Better to have fought and died then never to have fought at all"
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Name: Thorinbur

Characters Name: Rafał(Ralph) "Thori" Averun

Alter Ego: --

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA Research & Development team

Occupation: Avatar Driver;

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: European White (if there is something like that:P)

Age: Biological Age, 27; 32 when counting trip.

Powers and abilities: Very inteligent, also quick learner. Got small amout of wisdom about everything.

Distinguishing Marks: He never shaves, unless he really needs to.

Most used phrases: "Why?", "Screw this..."

Mannerism: He is quite shy and sarcastic, he hasn't got too many friends (at least among humans). Because he was lone child, he spents most of his time alone. Still he know how to beheave if he wants to. He don't drink at all (alcohol off course).

Sexual Orientention: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): Alone. He never had time for serius relationships. He was lone child and was studying maths, physics, most of his time spent at home. He never had woman becuse of that and dont know how to handle womans.

Parents: father died in accident when he was 16. Mother Anna works as a merchant.

Family(if any): none. (Only mother)
Favourite Food: pork chop, but it dont maters for him what he eats. Eats when he feals like it what is edible.

Least Favourite Food: None, he eats everything without complaining.

Weakness(es): Girls. Curiosity.

Fears: Lost someone. Being another boring person, that lives boring lives and dies quietly.

Best environment: small group of peaople feeding his curiosity + big database where he can check everything cose he hates "not to know".

Worst environment: full of lavs, supressions, requiments, terms.

Significant History: He was lone child so he had much time to learn. This made him really shy and lone, but he was extreamly curios about everything. Like small child, but it last till now. He born in Poland, on small farm, but his parents moved to the ity whe he had 2 months. After that he went to school, he was studying hard because of lack of other things. He quickly found that internet is more interesting than people and started spending all of his time in front of computers and terminals. He was learning everything he could.

He got expeled from his studies, where he was studying computer science and programing for not showing up too many times. He was staying at home and learning much more interesting things. When he was 24 he knew almost every published info about Pandora.

That was his dream. To go there, where you can still achieve something, discover something new. Learn something new! He got sick of learning things that someone else discovered, he wanted to do science, not gather data. With his knowledge of Pandora, and good scores in some tests, he menaged to impress scientist from (RDA Reaserch team)

After few more years and tests he was picked for an Avatar driver. And begin his journey to Pandora...

Knowledge of Na'vi:
  me: beginner
  my character: quite good, still his dictionary is quite small. Never liked memorizing things. He is "undurstanding" type. Still enough to pass all test and become Avatar driver.

If some parts aren't good or don't fit story tell me and  i will change them. English is not my native language and i am sure some parts are full of gramatic and ortographic errors, but i hope it's not so bad.
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Name: Lì'uyä Täftxuyu

Alter Ego: Oscar Woods.

Nickname: Mycro

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA Research & Development team

Occupation: Avatar Driver-In-Training; Avatar Drivers assistant

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Caucasian

Age: Biological Age: 22; 28 when counting trip.

Powers and abilities: Cons: can be a suck-up, arrogant and single minded. Pros: Thinks fast, improvises a lot (con?), excellent eyesight and awareness of surroundings

Distinguishing Marks: Big eyebrows, quite short

Mannerism: Neurotically "funny" (a need to impress others), really focussed when interested, but very easily distracted when interest is waning.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Marital Status (current or recent): Single, though easily smitten by women.

Parents: Parents own a bookstore. He doesn't keep contact

Family(if any): Younger sister. Anais Woods. Married, two children. Small-time actrice, though getting more and more media-attention. (So you might have hear of her, in-universe)

Favourite Food: Lamb-steak/Pizza

Least Favourite Food: If he can't identify it as a food class (eg: meat, pasta, etc) he won't eat it.

Weakness(es): Women, arrogance.

Fears: Small, crawly things and horrible diseases.

Best environment: Environment with lots of mental stimulation but no actual diversions, like a science lab.

Worst environment: Most other environments.

Significant History: PhD'd in Xenology at Harvard at 21, joined the RDA lab at 22 and, with a recommendation letter from his superior, was shipped to Pandora 6 months later.

Knowledge of Na'vi:
  my character: Above average.
  me: dunno :p
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Player: Tanhìyärina'

Name: Tireamokri

Alter Ego: --

Species: Na'vi

Team or Organization: A faraway clan

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Golden amber with flecks of brown

Hair Color: Black.  She wears smaller beaded braids that frame her face and flow in the wind, along with the long braid that holds her queue.

Skin Color: Blue, slightly pale stripes

Age: Equivalent to 20 human years

Powers and abilities: Moves nearly silently.  Rides an ikran skillfully.  Can make a clean kill, but isn't an outstanding hunter. 

Distinguishing Marks: The bridge of her nose is on the flatter side of Na'vi normal.  Her ears are very expressive.  She often wears a choker of netted dark blue beads and a longer necklace of fibrous fringe.  She has a long scar diagonally across the inside of her right arm, crossing the elbow and extending down to the base of the palm.

Most used phrases: "Eywa ftxey."  "Eltu si!"  Also known for muttering under her breath in a disparaging tone.

Mannerism: She still has some of the brashness of youth, and can sometimes lash out at Sawtute for their ignorance, clumsiness, and childishness.  (She doesn't connect it with her own childish lashing out at them.)  She can be dreamy, but also has moments of piercing clarity.  She is very light on her feet.

Sexual Orientention: Do you really think you'd know that yet?  (OOCly: on Kinsey's scale, 4.)

Martial Status (current or recent): Not mated.

Parents: Her mother is the Tsahik.  Her father was killed in battle.

Family(if any): Older brother, Swisawyä Mikyun (nicknamed Yämik), was also killed in battle.

Favourite Food: She prefers plants to meat, but enjoys fruit the most.

Least Favourite Food: She has tried Sawtute food and does not care for it, except oranges.

Weakness(es): Making Tsahaylu with Utral Aymokriyä, anything she can't understand (she's so curious!), and atokirina'.

Fears: Losing her mother to the Sawtute. 

Best environment: Communing with Eywa with the tribe.

Worst environment: Surrounded by ignorant people.

Significant History: See above.  In addition, she recently joined Grace's English school and is progressing adequately, though her English is far from perfect, and even barely considered good.

She is new to the area, relatively, as she comes from an arctic edge-of-the-ice tribe.  As a result, she has slightly different skills-- better with a spear than with a bow, for example-- and a different style of dress, though she has shed her heavy warm furs for the Omatikaya style of clothing. 

Her father was killed in one of the first battles when the Sawtute arrived, before the tenuous diplomatic detente that led to the founding of Grace's school.  Tireamokri was too young to mate at the time, so the Eytukan-designate was made Eytukan and took another mate.  Though raised to be the next Tsahik, now there is some question about whether the Eytukan's mate will assume that role-- it's a little question, but it's still there.  (It's currently moot, however, as the current Tsahik is alive and well.) 

She often goes to the Tree of Voices to hear her father and brother's voices again, and to ask Eywa for advice.

Raised to be the next Tsahik, she has a deep connection to Eywa, but is less skilled a hunter as others, though she can still hold her own in a battle.  However, due to her nearly silent steps, she often scouts for the tribe.

Three years ago, she was taken to find an ikran, down into the caves by the sea where they roosted.  She walked among them, and the first six she made eye contact with scattered, but the seventh stood its ground and fought her.  It clawed her arm, but she kept fighting, and made Tsahaylu, sealing the bond with the first flight.  She calls her ikran "Kinä," Seven, and together they are very skilled flyers.  She made her bow of the wood of the Hometree, carving it with barely perceptible designs that, up close, resemble the natural world.

Teyakllte, a man of her tribe, asked her to be his mate, but she turned him down-- he still bears a little ill will toward her, but has been accepted by another and so is mostly out of her hair now.

There is so much more that will be revealed in the course of roleplay.  :)
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Tanhì Tireafya'o

Name: Tanhì Tireafya'o

Alter Ego: Tanhì

Species: Na'vi

Team or Organization: Ikran Tribe of the Eastern Sea

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green/Grey

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Blue

Age: Would be 16 human years old

Powers and abilities: Always Clean Kills, Rides Ikran,

Distinguishing Marks: Tall, blue, flat nose, average Na'vi lips, long ears, wears a necklace of rope around his neck.

Most used phrases: ...not yet...

Mannerism: Don't like mess, don't like to clean. Like to go hunting and don't like arrogant people.

Sexual Orientention: Straight. Definitly straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): Never married.

Parents: Dad killed before birth. Mother right after birth. Raised by tribe.

Family(if any): Currently, I haven't found anyone of my family. Maybe you're my cousin/nephew?

Favourite Food: Fruits, Rice or Chicken. (Not in one meal :P)

Least Favourite Food: I think that would be mashed potatoes.

Weakness(es): Pretty girls; the opportunity to be lazy and procrastinate.

Fears: To live so wise, you won't do anything special in your life but sitting on a chair watching the world.

Best environment: Small team of respectable peers who share similar intersts.

Worst environment: That place humans call work.

Significant History: Tanhì was born and both of his parents were killed by the Sky People. He was raised by his tribe without knowing any direct family. Still hoping he would have some.

Son of The Eastern Sea Ikran Tribe

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Na'ring Tirea

Name: Na'ring Tirea

Character Name: Unknown

Alter Ego: Na'ring Tirea

Species: Na'vi

Team or Organization: Former Omaticaya

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Blue

Age: 27 human years.

Powers and abilities: He is one with the Forest he lives in, able to live in peace with even the most dangerous Pandora has to offer. Strong bond with his Direhorse and Ikran.

Distinguishing Marks: Scar on right side of face.

Most used phrases:

Mannerism: Secretive, Defensive, Untrusting when it comes to sky scum.

Sexual Orientention: Straight

Martial Status (current or recent): Single

Parents: Unknown (to players, I know of course)

Family(if any): Unknown

Favourite Food: Whatever Eywa blesses me with that day.

Least Favourite Food: I am thankful for all food I am given.

Weakness(es): A beautiful smile, rage, quick temper.

Fears: The destruction of the land I love. Being right about the Sky Peoples true motives.

Best environment: Alone living in the wild

Worst environment: Any place there is Sky scum.

Significant History: I was young when I left the tribe to live on my own. I stay close to Eywa and all she has to offer me at all times. I hunt with the Viperwolf and sleep with the Thanator. I am one with Eywa and she protects me on my journey. When I first left the tribe I was attacked by Viperwolf, it scared my face but Eywa gave me food that night. The decision to leave the tribe was a personal one. Once the Sky people got here many were eager to teach them our ways and learn theirs. I know better, I know nothing good will come with these aliens here. They want to learn the ways of the Sky People but the ways of the Sky People are against Eywa and everything I hold dear. I live with Eywa, Eywa protects me, Eywa loves me.... I love Eywa.

Sngä'i Tìrey-yä

Name: Sngä'i Tìrey-yä

Alter Ego: Ariel Dauphanes

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA Research & Development team

Occupation: Avatar driver/lawyer

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue/Grey

Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde

Skin Color: Caucasian, extremely pale with a light smattering of freckles.

Age: 21, 27 because of cryostasis

Powers and abilities: Undergraduate degree in psychology and politics, Judis Doctorate (Law degree).

Distinguishing Marks: Fair pretty girl with curly hair reaching the middle back. Very thin, slightly curvy, and short.

Most used phrases: "Whatever floats your proverbial boat." "The world needs more geniuses with humility, there's so few of us left..." "YOU try bleeding for a week and then we'll compare pain"

Mannerism: Know-it-all, observant, sarcastic, condescending, cleverly manipulative. Her temperament and emotions can change at the slightest whim, going from cute and flirty to viciously ruthless in mere seconds. Always has to be right, highly competitive, and is very unwilling to forgive anyone who has upset her in the past.

Sexual Orientention: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): Never married; men are too much trouble to bother with.

Parents: Craig and Diane, both unhappy about her decision to travel to Pandora.

Favourite Food: Any kind of pasta, cheese, pizza, soups and bread, and the spiciest food available.

Least Favourite Food: Meat, veggies, tofu.

Weakness(es): Pretty boys, being overly competitive, babies, animals, fighting (the only move she knows is used on boys, below the belt).

Fears: Death and heights - Pandora having both of these in great supply.

Best environment: A close-knit group made primarily of men, whom she generally adopts as 'big brothers'.

Worst environment: Large groups of females or individuals in similar fields of study, she becomes too competitive and generally makes a mess of things. Anywhere she has to fight.

Significant History: Ariel started college at the age of 16, taking time studying the asian languages Chinese and Japanese as well as psychology and political sciences. She spent most of her college career focusing on how large groups of people with different cultural/social backgrounds are able to successfully work together in business and political environments. After going to law school studying international business and international human rights, she was hired by the RDA to provide a legal basis on which the company could build a relationship with the native population. Her job is essentially to oversee exchanges between the company and the Na'vi and make sure they stay legal in earth terms, thereby further protecting the company executives from any human-rights backlash due to unfair agreements with the native populace. This includes making official statements on the part of the company and drafting agreements between the RDA and the Na'vi outlining trade and mining contracts and exchanges.

To assist with conveying the company's wishes to the Na'vi, Ariel has been assigned an avatar body. Although Ariel is excited about being able to experience Pandora first hand, she's more than a bit terrified about the prospect of running around in a dangerous jungle. She started learning Na'vi before shipping out and will continue studying once arrived on Pandora. Thanks to her previous language experience she hopes to pick up Na'vi rather quickly.  

Avatar Appearance: Extremely short, the height of a young teen. Stripes come together to make a sort of hear-ish shape between her brows. Wears the typical loincloth, as well as a long braided string of purple and red beads as a top. More of the same beads on a tail wrap and a hair tie. Small ornamental dagger worn about waist.
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Name: Deshy

Alter Ego: Sìlronsem 'Ekong (Name given to him by the person that took him in.(No name otherwise))

Species: Na'Vi

Team or Organization: Outcast / Loner.

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Yellow-Green (the color, not mixed)

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Blue

Age: 16 Human Years.

Powers and abilities: Survival Skills

Distinguishing Marks: Distinguished bite marks on the neck and a single, small claw mark from the top-right of his chest and

Most used phrases: N/A

Mannerism:  Very quiet and to himself. He speaks softly and can be quite hard to understand unless you listen to him very carefully. Also tends to mumble.

Sexual Orientation:  Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent):  Single.

Parents: Unknown, left for dead at birth, but found by a few former Omaticayan people.

Family(if any): Unknown.

Favourite Food: Fruits when blessed with them.

Least Favourite Food:  Meats when forced to kill an animal to eat.

Weakness(es): Crowds of people, Mental Frustration, Lack of knowledge about his own people.

Fears: Large Crowds, being the center of attention, realizing the "truth"

Best environment: Alone in the forest.

Worst environment: Being the center of attention at a large gathering.

Significant History: Being left for dead by his birth parents to cover the unholy act that was meant to happen between a mated couple. Sìlronsem 'Ekong was found on the forest floor by a outcast Omiticaya "Dreamwalker" that took him in and taught him English. The "Dreamwalker" gave him the name Sìlronsem 'Ekong (Clever Bow) from the native language he knew little of. The strange person taught him how to hunt, properly use a bow and how to scavenge for meals and other necessities. After he completed his training with this mysterious person, the person left him to be on his own. A gift given to him by the strange man ((Na'Vi Male)) was a set of strange looking clothes. The gift consisted of a plain white T-Shirt and brown cotton shorts. The boy put on the strange clothes and considered them as a blessing from Ewya. He never saw this person again, but something was completely different about the man and the Omiticaya people. The Omiticaya people called him a "Dreamwalker" ((In English)). He couldn't figure out what it meant and shoved it to the back of his mind.

Nume fpi sänume

Well, I sent my Character sheet to ya as a PM, but i dont want to miss out. I only want in if there is still room.

Name: Nume fpi sänume

Alter Ego: Alex Kellen AKA Gears

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA – Civilian contract

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Sandy Blonde

Skin Color: Pacific Islander

Age: 28 (34 from Cryo)

Powers and abilities: If it's got gears and moving parts, he can fix it, or at least make it work. Very productive with his time, and can often complete full tune up and repairs on a machine by himself faster than a group working on a different one.

Distinguishing Marks: Four fingers on his left hand, missing middle finger. Minor scaring along left arm from reconstructive surgery. Always keeps a spare rebreather mask on him, even while sleeping.

Most used phrases: "Machines are like ladies, gotta keep em lubed up or they might kill ya" "How the hell did you f*** it up this badly?!" "Good to go sir" "No sweat, im goin"

Mannerism: Keeps to himself most of the time, and can always be found tinkering with some assortment of circuits and moving parts. Once you get him talking, tends to be a bit of a windbag, and gets carried away with "Technical Gibberish" that only he seems to be able to understand.

Sexual Orientention: Straight

Martial Status (current or recent): Married once out of High School, divorced not long after that luckly without children.

Parents: Christopher Kellen and Sarah Kellen, both former military.

Family(if any): None, besides his random creations from the shop bay.

Favourite Food: Seafood and Cheeseburgers.

Least Favourite Food: Not a fan of most Pasta, hates chicken.

Weakness(es): Tries to figure out how everything works, including people, in the same sense of how a machine works. If there's something wrong, it's because something it loose, or out of place, at least as far as he sees it. Secretly just wants to find a decent lady that shares his love of mechanics. Tends to be semi-oblivious, and doesn't always "catch on" real quick

Fears: Death from asphyxiation, once walked out the airlock without his mask on. Ever since then he keeps a spare at his sides at all times. Using machines he didn't work on/repair himself makes him nervous.

Best environment: In his repair bay, fixing anything that comes his way.

Worst environment: Taking charge of a team effort. He uses so much of his "own lingo", and doesn't have any formal mechanic training, so he tends to confuse people he's put in charge of.
Significant History: Alex Kellen was born and raised in Hawaii. From an early age he had a mechanical aptitude, though not the usual social one. Growing up he usually would lock himself away and play with servo's, wires, and metal rather than with other children. Not much changed as he grew up and went on to high school. He met his first and only wife there, and they were married just out of school and divorced a year later. He made his living as a freelance mechanic and inventor. An unfortunate hydraulic accident left him without a left middle finger, as well as scarring from reconstructive surgery along his left arm. While on contract to the RDA fixing various machines on Earth, he showed great skill in fixing machines he had never seen the schematics or diagrams for. He was offered a contract to Pandora where he would be working on massive mining rigs and military equipment, and accepted without hesitation.
Knowledge of Na'vi: Some, and learning more. Small tags can be found in his work area with items tagged with their Na'vi translation.

Nume fpi sänume

Unlocked for now. This does not guarantee you will be in, that's still up the GM.


Name: Sänumeyu

Alter Ego: Christian James AKA Chris

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA -- Avatar Pilot

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Dark Caucasian

Age: 32

Powers and abilities: Ex-Spec. Ops. Marine, he can handle any weapon and is a stealthy fighter. He's a fast learner, and never too stubborn to consider different views.

Distinguishing Marks: No left eye, covered by a patch. Tall, bulky, and rough looking.

Most used phrases: "Fair enough." "I'm on it." "Righto."

Mannerism: Keeps to himself, unless you know him or catch him in a good mood. He will fight for what he believes in until his death or the death of his enemy.

Sexual Orientention: Straight

Martial Status: Single due to very active military career.

Parents: Mark and Brooke James.

Family(if any): A brother named Cole.

Favourite Food: Anything you throw in front of him.

Least Favourite Food: Uhhhh....^^

Weakness(es): Close confines, and underwater environments.

Fears: Betrayal, being caught in a fight without a weapon, claustrophobic.

Best environment: Anywhere with a weapon in hand.

Worst environment: Underwater. He can't fight as well there.

Knowledge of Na'vi: Adequate

Other info: He's from Australia. Just thought I'd mention that :P

Hawnu UnilTxep

Name: Unil Txep

Alter Ego: Eanataw

Species: Na'vi

Gender: Female

Eye Color: green/yellow

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: a light blue

Age: 20

Clan: Omaticaya?

Powers and abilities: Excellent stealth, good 'cook', not very good with remembering names.

Distinguishing Marks: dark blue stripes make a diamond shape on her forehead and each cheek.

Most used phrases: "Pxasik!"

Mannerism: Often observant and not in the midst of the action.  She uses her quiet feet to her advantage, being able to sneak up on almost any conversation or any group of people.  Often used as a spy on the Tawtute.  When angered or set in a situation that requires her activism, she will speak out and up most vibrantly.  Otherwise, she speaks softly.

Sexual Orientention: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): Not mated.

Parents: Mother: Nanam, a täftxuyu [deceased], Father: Matxa, a tsamsiyu [d

Family(if any): Tsumakan: Toyo, also a tsamsiyu

Favourite Food: anything.

Least Favourite Food: Tawtute food that she hasn't tried. 

Weakness(es): Often too quiet, and misses out on things.  Other females often anger her.

Fears: That the rest of her family will be lost to the Tawtute... not soon, maybe, but someday.

Best environment: the Jungle.  Observing and learning.  Or else with the tribe, where she is the most comfortable.

Worst environment: Put in a place where she has no knowledge, has no idea what's going on, and knows no one, or almost no one.

Significant History: Her mother died of a strange illness soon after Eanataw's brother was born, about a year after.  Eywa could not help, and it remains a mystery.  Any tsaheylu with a willow that Eanataw attempts gives her no answers.  Frustrated, she keeps mostly to her own thoughts.  Raised mostly by her father, and then raising her brother, some five years younger than herself, kept her out of trouble until recently.  Toyo is now a warrior himself, and no longer needs his elder tsumke's guidance.  Unsure of what to do with herself, she was given the task of helping with surveillance, making sure those who shouldn't know where the Kelutral was didn't find their way there.  She also kept watch over the local wildlife, ensuring their safety from the tawtute.

Though she has had males interested, she did not find them interesting enough to entertain.  She can hide easily, even from her own tribe, so avoiding them was not something that caused any problems.

She knows some English, but it is still sketchy.  She often gets words confused and switched around, which would probably be resolved if she spent more time around the tawtute.

Please PM me if you are still interested in the real Na'vi tribe.

leli'ua tukru

Name:  leli'ua tukru

Alter Ego:  Esmeralda "Esme" Cortez

Species: Human

Team or Organization:  RDA - Security Contract

Gender:   Female

Eyes:  Large, almond-shaped and smoky brown.

Hair: Brown and kinky.

Ethnicity: Black, West Indian

Age:  36; Cryo-age: 42

Powers and abilities:  Familiarity and significant skill with any and all non-gunship weaponry.  Also, moderate knowledge of gunship weaponry.  Skill in hand-to-hand combat.

Distinguishing Marks:   Signature shoulder-brown hair bleached at the tips .  Also, there's a knick in her cheeck where a very small sliver of flesh was gouged out during an accident in combat training.

Most used phrases: "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,"  and "Did I stutter?"

Mannerism:  Esme is a very honest woman.  Her attitude is direct and this straightforwardness manifests itself in her posture and mannerisms.  She is confident as well and might be considered a hard-ass.  Certainly, her stony gaze and non-nonsense attitude reflect discipline, but she has been known to loosen up a little bit after a couple of drinks.

Sexual Orientention:   Lesbian
Martial Status (current or recent):  Single.  Had a rash of girlfriends on Earth.

Parents:   Eliana Loredo Cortez and Gonsalvo Cortez

Family(if any):   Anais Cortez (sister)

Favourite Food:  Fried plantains and rice with beans

Least Favourite Food:  anything dehydrated

Weakness(es):  Menthol cigarettes, those fluorescent plants of the Pandoran forests.

Fears:  Anything that dwells in darkness.  That there might be no afterlife...

Best environment:  Behind a machine gun, in a structured group with a marked hierarchy.

Worst environment:   Being around the undisciplined.  Any situation that requires deep creative thought.

Significant History:

Esme was born in the Dominican Republic to Eliana and Gonsalvo Cortez.  They named her Esmeralda, after Eliana's grandmother.  They were a humble family: Gonsalvo owned a bakery and Eliana mended clothes behind the shop.   Things were going well for them as a family until Esme was five years old.  A right-wing coup toppled the moderate-left government that had taken power in the Dominican Republic.  The leftists and the rightists took to arms.  Someone (right or left, nobody ever found out) burned down the Cortez bakery.  Luckily, the three of them had been out in the country, buying grain, when the tragedy occurred.

Before any of them could come to bodily harm, the Cortez's applied for refugee status in the United States.  Since Eliana's sister Mari had lived there for many years, their status was granted and they were allowed to emigrate.    Arrived at their new home, Esme did not find it difficult to adapt.  There were many Dominicans living in their city and lots of other Spanish-speakers as well.   In time, she learned the new language.  Not even a year after their big move, Eliana and Gonsalvo had a nother child: Anais.   

Anais was a tiny baby, and as much as she tried, she never would grow as much as her sister Esmeralda.  When Anais got to middle school, Esme walked her sister to school and then home everyday, to make sure no other kids picked on her.  And as she entered high school, she personally interrogated any boys that Anais hoped to date.  On the topic of school, Esme never seemed to do very well. Anais had always been the brainy.  Esme, tough and street smart, decided to join the military instead.  She joined the air force upon finishing high school and did her first four-year tour a year after.

After her stint in the military Esme got a job at a factory, building space-travel machinery.  She never did any of the delicate work, but was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the heavy labor.  When newer, more impressive space craft were developed by a rival company, the plant closed.  Just then, the military called upon her again to fight in Nigeria.  She did very well and managed to join a special-ops team.  During her involvement in Nigeria Esme learned many of the skills she may find useful on Pandora.

When she was done with her tour in Nigeria, there was nothing for her at home.  When Anais finally married and moved out with her husband, Esme found that she didn't even have a little sister to protect any more.   Listing her military and space technology experience on her application, Esme hoped for a security job aboard a research mission to Pandora, the new and mysterious planet across the galaxy.  Praying that she would be hired, Esme hoped for a new future and a new life as well.

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I want to see your character profiles before I accept them. You do NOT post them on my threads, you do not make a thread for them and beg me to come read them, because I will not. I don't care if you're the Queen of France, I'm not going to read your profiles unless you send them to me, In a PM, with a CLEAR indicator of why you are sending to me.

And even then, I reserve every right to not accept your Character Profile and not allow you to be in my RP.

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I feel better, now, how about you? Look, I don't like having to get mean, but if people keep asking stupid questions about things they should already KNOW BECAUSE THEY READ THE RULES, then I'm going to start batting heads in and asking the Mod's to help me with it!

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Name: Apxa Ioang

Alter Ego: Damien Thomas Cole

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA Security and Weapons Division

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Dark Tan

Physical Age: 28

True Age (Due to Cryosleep): 33

Powers and Abilities: Good with Heavy Weapons, Good at tinkering with explosives and weaponry, Innate knowledge of anything and everything that goes, "BOOM!""

Distinguishing Marks: "Semper Fi" tattooed across his back, as well as "'D' for Doom!" tattooed on his right pectoral.

Most-Used Phrases: "Uh...yeah?"

Mannerism: Damien is a straightforward guy. You give him a gun, show him an enemy, and turn him loose. That's about all there is to it. He isn't complicated. He isn't dramatic. And he isn't scared. At least, not on the outside.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual. Period.

Martial Status: Never Bothered.

Parents: None. He never knew them.

Family: Again, none that he knows of.

Favorite Food: Pizza, hotdogs, and...salad wraps.

Least Favorite Food: Asparagus

Weakness(es): Women, cars, and REALLY big guns.

Fears: There are no minefields on Pandora.

Best Environment: Surrounded by lead, holding a steaming MGD GAU-19/AP.

Worst Environment: Mess Hall. There's no heavy explosives in there.

Significant History: Damien doesn't have a past. Or, more precisely, he's never talked about it. He leaves the past where it is, lying in the dust and the still-burning coals of his fiery exploits. His tale, the story that people have heard, starts when he was released from the maximum-security prison known as Tartarus.

Imprisoned when he was 16 for demolishing an entire half-mile of city block, Damien still claims the six years he spent in Tartarus were worth the two minutes of glorious fire. At the age of 22, he was conscripted by the RDA to be their, as they put it, "Heavy Weapons Specialist". His translation was, "Guy with big guns." Gladly accepting the job, Damien was put aboard the ISV Venture Star and shipped in a cold box to Pandora. He still swears that he wasn't missing his left ring finger when he went into Cryo.
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Also, here is a brief list of supporting non-player characters:

Human Supporting Cast:

Dr. Grace Augustine: Dr. Augustine of movie fame; everyone should know who she is!  ;)

Dr. Warren Childs: Dr. Childs is the chief of the Geology section in the sciences department; technically he'd be of about equal status to Dr. Grace Augustine but feels she has become more concerned about herself and her "puppet show" than the reason they are on Pandora: to exploit the valuable minerals. He has since been revealed as the chief figure in a coup attempt of some sort. It is currently believed that his ambitions are merely to seize control of Hell's Gate, probably in coordination with some corporate or political plot back on Earth. But could there be more to it than that?

Col. Miles Quaritch: Same ex-Marine who now leads Pandora's Security, he is so far a uncertain collaborator in Dr. Childs's takeover attempt.

Director Parker Selfridge: Same corporate executive as portrayed in the movie. Director Selfridge was not much more than a person mentioned in the background for much of the story, and only appeared in one scene with Ariel-- until it was revealed that he was marked for death by Dr. Childs. Childs killed Director Selfridge and framed the Na'vi for it, using an AMP suit to fire a Na'vi bow and arrow to kill the Director. So far, none of the cast is aware that this has happened, only that Selfridge has not been seen for some time.

Blake Goodson: Blake is a senior researcher on the Geology team who had looked to Dr. Childs as a mentor and guide, if not exactly a friend. The character Arik Shaham was going to join Blake in the field and eventually replace Blake, who was due to rotate home in 2 years. Blake is sort of the replacement for Norm in this story, a friendly and likeable younger man who finds himself in the middle of a firestorm. Blake and a handful of technical staff are currently barricaded in the main drive-pod room, protecting the Avatar drivers from the Security personnel outside in the hallways. So far there is a tense standoff as both sides try to assess the situation.

Na'ama Shaham: Arik Shaham's little sister and the reason he has a job with RDA. She signed on as an xeno-anthropologist with RDA and gave Arik a link in her email, which he followed and decided to apply also. Na'ama and Arik are Israeli-Americans who were separated from one another for years by a unhappy divorce between their parents. Na'ama largely grew up in Israel, while Arik largely grew up in the US. They were looking forward to working together and getting re-acquainted when Dr. Childs pulled his coup. Na'ama is aware that something suspicious is going on and is hiding in the facility after managing to steal a radio, hoping to get in contact with either Blake or her brother, who is trapped outside.

Julia: A friend of Na'ama's and also on the xeno-anthropology team; very little is known about her.

Liz: A friend of Na'ama's and also on the xeno-anthropology team; very little is known about her.

Flores: A combat pilot and strong supporter of Dr. Warren Childs's coup attempt, Flores is a crass and inarticulate gunship pilot with an attitude. His reasons for supporting Dr. Childs are currently unknown, but he has already taken the step of attacking his fellow humans in the sky in a brief and one-sided clash of gunships near the Omatikaya clan's Hometree of Kelutral. He had the unquestioned support of at least three other gunship crews, but it is unknown if these crews were willing participants in the coup or if their cooperation was attained with lies, payoffs, or blackmail. One gunship was shot down by Jax  before himself being shot down; the crew was killed by Arik after landing in the jungle, separated from Aniuket.


Na'vi Supporting Cast:

Aniuket: Aniuket is the artist of the Omatikaya tribe. She has taken a bit of an interest in Arik Shaham, who is also a hobbyist illustrator and cartoonist. Arik gave her an art tablet and some pencils as a gift, which fascinated her since there is no paper among the Na'vi. When the coup plotters attacked Dr. Augustine's crew, Arik took her in the group's SA-2 thinking he was taking her to safety, under the impression that the RDA was coming to attack the Na'vi. Instead, he placed her in greater danger since the coup plotters were coming to attack Augustine and the player-characters. During the attack Arik and Aniuket parachuted out of the helo, but the strain of two Na'vi bodies was too much for the jetpack-parachute to bear. Aniuket let go and tried to use leaf-bouncing to slow her fall, but ended up with a broken arm and lost in the jungle.

Sek'mut: Sek'mut is a follower of Tsu'tey, and one of the more respected and capable hunter-warriors in the tribe. He hates the Sky People and wants to see them gone, and there is some speculation that he one of the warriors that sneaks out to shoot arrows at RDA equipment and personnel in dangerous raids that are technically not approved by the Tribe leaders. He finds the Avatars to be loathsome creatures in particular, and has been quite harsh with his sister for speaking with one.  

Nef'tys: Sek'mut is the eldest, Aniuket the middle, and Nef'tys is the youngest sister in the family. It was she who saw Arik drawing cartoons in the dirt and called Aniuket's attention to the cartoonist. Later, when Brokensword was blown up by Flores, and Aniuket lost in the jungle as a result, Nef'tys went looking for her sister and instead found Jax, touched by the atikorina. She prevented Sek'mut and his warriors from killing the humans and the Avatars.  

Mi'niri: Teenage Omatikaya female who has befriended Ariel, despite a language barrier. It was Mi'niri who loaned Arile some of her clothing so she could more easily blend in among the Omatikaya... much to Ariel's bemusement, and any inner thoughts about the covering capacity of dental floss.

Mil'Ano: Older brother to player-character Mil'Ani; he took up the task of caring for and raising his younger brother after their parents were killed in a Skyperson raid.

Hanu: Proud Omatikayan warrior who has been part of the group to keep watch over the Sawtute and their alien items. Alex took his knife to make hasty adjustment to Damien Cole's AMP suit when it was driven into the compound, leaving Hanu flustered. Alex apologized, and Hanu will continue to work alongside the strangers as they strive to become one with the People.
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Kiyoshi Tenshi

Username: Kiyoshi Tenshi

Character Name: Mil'Ani

Nickname: Ani

Species: Na'Vi

Team or organization: Omaticaya clan

Gender: Male

Age: Fifteen in human years

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black.

Skin color: Light blue

Powers and abilities: Like any other Na'Vi, he has superior strength, agility, and hearing compared to humans. he also has a good understanding of herbs and what medicines can be made from them. Mil'Ani is an aspiring healer.

Distinguishing Marks: Other than his lighter skin color, nothing much.

Most used phrases: "Oel ngati kameie, tsmukan." "Eywa ngahu."

Mannerism: Gentle and loving, he is the type of Na'Vi who can walk into a room and make just about anyone feel at ease with kind words and gestures. There is a warrior behind his sweet outer shell, however. He will fight to the death to protect his clan, especially those he cares about (example: his brother, Mil'Ano). He cares for every single Na'Vi and worry about them constantly, as if they were all his children. But in all honesty, Mil'Ani wants someone to care about and protect him once in a while.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, but he hasn't told anyone about it except his brother

Marital Status: Single

Parents: Both were killed in an attack by the humans.

Family (if any): His older brother, Mil'Ano.

Favorite Food: Mainly fruit, but Mil'Ani won't say no to sweets!

Least Favorite Food: Meat

Weakness: His feelings are hurt easily.

Fears: Losing everyone he cares about

Best Environment: Spending time with his brother

Worst Environment: Being alone in a room with humans for any length of time

History: His parents were killed by humans when he was five (in human years), and he was saved by his brother, who was six at the time. They lived by themselves for a while, (during which the two brothers developed an extremely strong bond,) but then Mil'Ani got sick. Mil'Ano had to go to the nearest tribe (which happened to be the Omaticaya) and ask for help. Upon his little brother's recovery, Mil'Ano joined the Omaticaya because he felt he owed the clan a debt of gratitude. As a result, Mil'Ani too became a part of the Omaticaya, mainly because he didn't want his brother to leave him behind.

Thank you for allowing me to join the roleplay, Lehrrap.  :)

Lehrrap Uniltìranyu

All Profiles from this point back have been approved by Lehrrap Uniltìranyu, GM and Dangerous Dreamwalker of Learnnavi.org.

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