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Started by Étienne, December 31, 2009, 06:31:51 PM

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Making a thread

Note that the under construction threads should be posted in the OOC and planning sub forum.
This is for anyone who want's to start a RP thread of their own. A good thing is to make the thread and title it " Under Construction " and post it so that if anything happens while you are writing it out and your computer dies, explodes, or a thanator runs into your mom's car, you have some of the RP saved to the thread so you can come back and work on it. If at all that one cannot change a thread's title under the first post of the thread post that the project is in the works and make sure to make it has bold and big as possible so that people don't spam it while you work on it. If anything another good way to start working on a good RP thread is to use Notepad, Word, or any other text base program.

Note: The real title of the thread should just be the name of the RP.
First Posts

To keep things clean and most RPs legible, a format should be used while making these kinds of threads and the posts that the author makes with the descriptions and members. In the first post it should look something like this,

Avatar vs. Predator RP -The hunt that never ends-

Short description of the RP
"Blah blah people die blah explosion blah Michel Bay"

Spoiler tagged current arcs and previous arcs of the story and or open ended RPs.

Second Post

This post should have the list of members with links to the characters each member is responsible of. Even if a character has died it still should be listed as a reference. Also a link to the OOC.

For now this is the info I have for the start of simple RP thread.

Kìyevame Eywa ngahu!