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Player: Txontaw

Name: Txonunilyu

Alter Ego: --

Species: Na'vi

Team or Organization: Omatikaya

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Greenish gold

Hair Color: Black. She has several small braids, but for the most part keeps her hair down.

Skin Color: Blue

Age: ~23 Earth years

Powers and abilities: Extremely good ground hunter, moderate ikran rider. Never really liked flying a lot, just uses it as a point from A to B. One of the few to have bonded with, and use a paluluken as a travel method, much prefers riding that to her ikran. (Tell me if I can do that, if not, I'll take it out)

Distinguishing Marks: Only three fingers on her left hand. It was lost in a fight with one of the men of the tribe. Very darks stripes on her face, unusually few bioluminescent spots.

Most used phrases: Person of few words, uses random English words as insults to people of the tribe that do not know english. Favorite word to use is "swimming"

Mannerism: Very quiet, dislikes lots of company. Has vowed never to mate ever since she lost her finger. Strives to be perfect in everything she does and as an effect, has learned English very quickly. If you provoke her enough, though, she'll lash out at you very powerfully. Terrible temper.

Sexual Orientention: Straight

Martial Status (current or recent): Not mated, most likely never will

Parents: Not really notable, just members of the tribe.

Family(if any): No siblings

Favourite Food: She prefers plants to meat, but enjoys fruit the most.

Least Favourite Food: Tawtute bananas

Weakness(es): She would tell you none, but she has a weakness for her palulukan.

Fears: Heights, when on her ikran she never flies that high

Best environment: Alone in the jungle

Worst environment: In a group of lots of people

Significant History: Joined Grace's English school, and like stated above, has learned very quickly. Though she doesn't show it, she has a deep passion for Grace, and doesn't see her as a uniltìrantokx.

Also as stated above, she lost a finger in a fight, which means she can no longer use a bow very well. She relies on knife hunting which means she's gotten incredibly good at hunting silently. Brings in more than the others bring in with a bow.

The other clan members kind of avoid her strangeness, while marveling at her skill as a taronyu at the same time.

Several years ago a paluluken chose her, and she rides it almost everywhere now.

Other than that she is not very well known, and has had little excitement in her life. She almost welcomes the tawtute, because it means a change from the normal.
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Ikranä mokri

Name: Twonyu Ikranä

Character Name: Twonyu Ikranä

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (in human years)

Occupation: 'eveng

Team/side: Omatikya

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: I am Na'Vi

Appearance: his Na'Vi stands at around 9"11 with jet black hair. He plats it like the Na'Vi warriors do as well as wearing the same apparel as them even though he hasn't even got his own Ikran yet. Has a tight single strap leather band on his right arm.
Powers/Abilities: the same as any normal Na'Vi

Distinguishing Marks: scar on his left cheek

Most Used phrases: "kä terkup", "ayoe tayaron", "tawtute peng tìngängay

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Parents: father alive, mother dead

Favourite Food: pineapple

Least Favourite Food: chocolate

Weaknesses: his pride for himself and his father. His mothers memory and he has a quick temper which can be flared by the slightest thing.

Fears: tawtute kunsip

Best Environment: pandora

Worst Environment: urban

Training: is still an 'eveng so he hasn't been allowed to choose an Ikran but he is self proclaimed best shot in the Omatikya

History: Twonyu was born the week that the humans landed on Pandora. He was called Twonyu Ikranä because when he was a baby he used to spend all his time looking up at the sky and flying Ikran trying to catch them.

He went to graces school before it was shut down but only grasped the basics and he has never regretted not learning the complications of English.

At the age of 4 he was starting to wander off on his own short distanced into the forest. And by the time he was 9 he knew the lore of the forest as well as his father.

It was in that same year that his mother was killed. She was teaching him how to stalk prey when a gunship filled with tawtute had engine problems. It crashed killing the crew of the gunship and crushing his mother. Ever since then he has hated or been wary of the tawtute and finds any reason he can to stop them from coming to the tribe as Avatars or not.

When he was 11 he was given a bow by his father. He went out into the forest the next day and was set upon by viperwolves. He drew the bow too far and it snapped firing the arrow down the side of his face this gave him the very obvious scar.

At 14 he killed 3 tawtute who were part of a convoy of bulldozers. For this he was strongly reprimanded by his father and the tribe elders.

When he was 16 he was saved by Grace and a marine when he got into trouble with viperwolves again. The wolves would have killed him had no the marine opened fire on them and made them run away. Because of this he is much more trusting of tawtute who are Avatars but normal tawtute he still blames for the death of his mother.

At 17 he is still trying to become a hunter and prove that he is as good as his father. He wishes that soon he will be allowed to choose his own Ikran. He has already chosen a name for it and knows that he is no longer an 'eveng

I was told yes for this profile or will there be a seperate post for characters in part 2?

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Naw, characters approved here will be good for the whole arc of the story. Welcome aboard! We need more Na'vi!
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El Jacko

Name: El Jacko   

Alter Ego: Alan 'Shep' Sheppard

Species: Human      

Team or Organization: RDA, to a point. Disenchanted with Child's takeover.

Occupation: Guardsman, often found in the main tower staring down a scope

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Powers and abilities: Expert marksman, highly skilled with knives. Likes to customise his equipment.

Distinguishing Marks: None, has a particularly...forgettable face

Favourite phrase: Boom! Headshot...

Mannerism: Quiet, softly spoken, sarcastic and clever. Useless at remembering names, but never forgets people. Avoids direct conflict if possible, but will turn defensive in an instant. Always has a plan for the situation at hand.

Background: (taken a bit of creative liberty here) Joined the Army at 16 with his twin brother, passed selection at 22 and joined the SAS just as the war in Nigeria kicked off. Later assigned to a joint operation between SAS and Navy Seals to assassinate Nigerian rebel leaders. The SAS prided themselves upon avoiding detection, and Shep gained skills in stealth warfare. On his final mission, he witnessed his brothers battalion being bombed, still haunted by the memory. Hoping to escape this memory, signed on to the RDA as a guardsman.
To this day, takes pride in his ability to shoot the door handles off a Samson from 800yds.

Family: Parents unknown, sibling killed in conflict

Weaknesses: Large, open areas.

Fears: Slightly agoraphobic, less so with his favourite suit.

Best environment: Difficult terrain, urban areas

Worst Environment: Open plains, loud/arrogant people

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You thought right Jacko.

And yes, approved by ME. So it's all good.

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Tsamsiyu Atsteu

(note told I could post my character info. Forgive me if it is in the wrong spot I don't want to necropost!)

Player: Tsamsiyu Atsteu

Name: Tsamsiyu Atsteu, sometimes called Sam by the Tawtute

Alter Ego: -- NA

Species: Na'vi

Team or Organization: Omatikaya

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Golden amber with flecks of green

Hair Color: Black. She wears her hair long and flowing, with two small braids holding her hair back in a half ponytail, resting above the braid that contains her queue

Skin Color: An even, light shade of blue with slightly darker striping.

Age: Equivalent to 25 human years

Powers and abilities: Sharp senses, a skilled direhorse rider and strong warrior. Good with her Ikran Ralu. A respectable hunter and healer.

Distinguishing Marks: a long scar on her left forearm

Most used phrases:"skxawng!" (in reference to most Tawtute) "rutxe sempu" (to her father) "Pxasik"

Mannerism: Tsamsiyu is gentle and adventurous, but she can be fierce when those she cares for are in danger. She is guarded about the Tawtute but also curious about them, provided they don't insult her or her people.

Sexual Orientation: straight

Martial Status (current or recent): Not mated.

Parents: Mother Tanhì, healer and weaver, father Fkeu'aw, an esteemed warrior.

Family(if any): Only child

Favourite Food: Tsamsiyu lovesmeat, though she has a soft spot for sweet fruits. She likes
what the Tawtute call "coffee" and chocolate.

Least Favourite Food: fish -it's boring.

Weakness(es): her curiosity, her desire for a mate. Sometimes Tsamsiyu is still reckless in her want to prove herself to her tribe.

Fears: Being alone

Best environment: on a direhorse, or with her Ikran, Ralu, practicng her many skills, or making things with her hands.

Worst environment: Surrounded by ignorant Tawtute. She can't stand them. If they show an interest in her culture and a willingness to learn, she is tolerant, to a point, but those that are out right ignorant she just will *not* deal with.

Significant History: Tsamsiyu passed her rite of passage and bonded with her Ikran, Ralu two years ago. In that time she has become a strong warrior and cunning hunter, like her father. Like her mother, Tsamsiyu is a gifted healer, though she lacks her mother's talent at weaving. She's utterly hopeless at it.
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Tsufätu Ayioangä


Name: Aykerusey Mi Teriran
Nickname: Ayker
Names Literal Meaning: One Who Walks With the Dead (Deads in Walker)
Species: Na'vi
Tribe: Omaticaya Tribe
Position: Ikran si pa'li toktor.
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Yellow-green
Hair Color: Blue
Skin Color: Blue
Age: 18ish
Sexual Orientention: Bi
Ikran Bond: Krrsa'nok
Martial Status: None
Parents: Unknown
Fears: A death on the job.
Powers and abilities: Skilled with a bow,
Appearence: At eight foot two, Ayker is one of the taller Na'vi, although he is by no means the highest standing. His large eyes are a dark blue, his trademark. Unlike most Na'vi, his hair is not kept in braids (with the exception of the tsahaylu braid). His bangs fall slightly into his eyes but he doesn't seem to mind it. He has two feathers that have been braided into his hair behind his right ear, a dark blue and a bright orange.

He has a semi-feminine figure with small, thin shoulders. His stripes are far darker then most. His thin fingers and large hands come in well for his work. His tail is far longer then that of the average Na'vi but about a foot and a half.

Because of his differences in appearance and personality, many Omaticayans believe that he is from a much farther tribe. He is unlike any Na'vi that has come to the forest and many are fascinated with his odd appearance.

Deep blue eyes that are not normal for an Omaticaya. His tail is also far longer then that of an average Na'vi.

Significant History: Aykerusey mì Terìran's past is a mystery, to say the least. He showed up at about seven months of age at the Omaticaya Hometree and was welcomed; no one would turn away a child. He was never straight and many thought he had been dropped as a baby. But no one pushed him for information and he never seemed to care about where he came from.

At a young age he found himself immensely fascinated with the pal'i. He learned to ride at a younger age then any Na'vi before him. He also learned to develop his voice with the pal'i and it seemed as if he could talk to them, more so then anyone else, even when the tsahaylu was not in effect.

One of the other Omaticaya Ikrans fell ill. Without prompt from anyone, Ayker found his way to the side of the dieing beast. The others watched him with fear and fascination as he spoke to the Ikran. After three days, the Ikran was back to his old self. No one was sure what Ayker had done but it had worked. After that, he became the first toktor of the Omaticaya tribe.

Ikranä mokri

Name: Ikranä Mokri

Character Name: James "Peregrine" Kestral

Gender: Male

Age: 29 (34 with Cryo)

Occupation: Pilot

Team/side: RDA

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: Not a word

Appearance: He stands around 5'10, He is thin but muscular, his hair is dark brown and has no certain style, it sits flat over his head if he lets it grow but most of the time he has it cut short. He has dark green eyes and a gaze that is hard to break. He has quite a stern face although to look at him when he smiles you wouldn't have thought it.

Distinguishing Marks: his eyes and the bands he wears on his wrists.

Most Used phrases: "Who wants to go in hot?", "that was more interesting than the time...."

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Parents: Both alive

Favourite Food: steak

Least Favourite Food: MOD beans and sausages boil in the bag

Weaknesses: He has very weak legs due to an accident early in life. he very touchy about it, which is why he tries to spend as much time in the air as possible.

Fears: not being able to walk at all

Best Environment: The sky

Worst Environment: water

Training: he has had over 10 years flight experience and 3 years training before that, he fought in Africa, Bhutan and Venezuela

History: James was born in London, but was left by his parents at 6 months at an orphanage. James was treated well by the orphanage and the 4 foster families that took him in but this didn't stop him being an absolute rebel as a child.

from the age of 1 years to 9 he was a good child according to the family that took him in and the orphanage, but soon after his 9th birthday he started to become very independent and started to hang around with people much older than him. At 9 he was hanging around with 16/17 year old and helping them with crimes (unknowingly)

when he was 12 he left the gang he hung around with to start his own gang, they were brilliant thieves because all of them were into parkour. They had just robbed an Off licence and were escaping from the police when he lost his footing. he fell over 6 stories and shattered his shin-bones, they were repaired but the job done was a poor one and he is now only ever able to jog for his quickest pace.

He was put into care again but he just got worse, at 16 he was sent to juvenile hall after giving another child at his school brain damage.

At 17 he was approached by the RDA, they were looking for young people to become their grunts for protecting their interests in war torn countries, when they learnt that he had leg problems they decided that he would be better in their air force. He accepted readily and was taken for flight training

He became a scorpion pilot at 19 and flew his first sortie in Africa, he spent 4 years out there, it was out here that he got the nickname "peregrine", he pulled off a move thought impossible in a scorpion. he was then posted out to Bhutan where he join part of the dreaded black wing he was shot down on his second mission and crash landed where he was captured by rebels he was held for 3 years, he was eventually traded out and he was posted to Venezuela where he flew Sampsons into hot zones to bring in reinforcements, he was out there for 3 years before he was asked again by the RDA  whether he would like to go Pandora, he agreed readily and ever since he has been flying Sampsons for the RDA, although he would love to be back in the cockpit of a scorpion
Name: Ikranä Mokri (this is more of a minor character than James)

Character Name: Alex Heath

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Occupation: grunt

Team/side: RDA

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: nada

Appearance:he stands at around 6'2 and has black hair. He is tall and broad, he is a natural born rugby player. he has brown eyes and quite a round face, he is always smiling and is generally a very friendly person.

Distinguishing Marks:missing his lower 2 fingers on his right hand

Most Used phrases: "I need a bigger gun" "any closer and I would have been kissing the sucker"

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Parents: both dead

Favourite Food: squashed fly biscuits

Least Favourite Food: yoghurt

Weaknesses: is quite an emotional person and isnt a natural leader, he is bad at making quick decisions

Fears: heights

Best Environment: an open battlefield

Worst Environment: areas with lack or visibility

Training: he joined the army at 16 and joined the RDA force at 18, he fought with "Peregrine" kestrals' unit in Venezuela and decided to go with him when he signed up for a Pandora tour.

History: Alex was brought up in a loving family environment by his grandparents. he Grandfather was ex army and alex was enthralled by the stories he had.

by the age of 8 alex had already decided that he would join the army. he concentrated on his physical fitness and so throughout his school days his grades suffered.

at 16 he was ready to leave home after the death of his grandfather 2 years prior, he enrolled in the army collage and passed with flying colours.

at 18 he was top of his class and on his way to join the British 2 para as a specialist. he was approached by the RDA with the promise of experimental weapons and armour. Alex signed up with out a second glance. he spent 2 years in Venezuela, 1 of those years with James kestral. they became good friends and signed up for a pandora tour together

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Name: Tawtewng

Character Name:  Steve "Jinx" Blackwood

Species: Human

Team or Organization: RDA security forces

Gender: Male

Age: 24 (including cryo 30)

Appearance:  5' 8" Tall. Black hair, blue eyes and thoroughly British.

Occupation: Signed up as a soldier and generally guards various areas of the base.

Abilities:  Good with rifles and among the best human scouts for moving quietly.

Distinguishing Marks: You will never find Steve not wearing some form of camouflage.

Most-Used Phrases: Balls.

Mannerism:  Steve is not someone for idle talking. He is a very patient man. If he feels he can do something about something he will do whatever he can but if he feels that there is nothing that he can do he will just stand by and let events go how they please.

Sexual Orientation:  Straight

Parents: Father was killed in a car accident when he was 12  and his mother died of cancer shortly before Steve left for Pandora.

Family: None living

Favourite Food: Fish & chips

Least Favourite Food: anything green.

Weaknesses: If he does not think he can do something he will not even try and he HATES heights.

Fears: Heights, open spaces

Best Environment: Jungle and dense forests

Worst Environment: anywhere exposed

Significant History: After his father died Steve became very withdrawn and quiet often sneaking around so no one would notice him. He always wanted to go to Pandora but knew he could never get there by becoming a scientist or something because he was not particularly clever so he joined the military.
At first he joined the air force but six months into his training he got to fly his first real aircraft and almost immediately after takeoff there was a equipment malfunction and he ended up crashing into a hospital on the base. In the aftermath he found out that the instructor had died and also fifteen men in the hospital had died. He dropped out of training and joined the army instead. Again he was chosen to drive the APC for a training exercise and halfway through there was another equipment failure causing the breaks to fail and the accelerator to latch on causing the APC to power forwards out of control. It plunged into a river and half his training squad drowned. From then on he was nicknamed "Jinx" and he refused to drive anything ever again.
After showing skills in recon and stealth he was transferred to a recon detachment to finish his training. He he excelled becoming the best of them and he served until his mother died of cancer a few years later. On the same day he was offered a place in the SAS but he turned it down. The reason for this was the day before the RDA had offered him a job working on Pandora which he accepted.
Working on Pandora was not what he had expected. He was relegated to being a guard in various low priority areas of the base for the entirety of his time there and now is getting desperate to get out of his boring assignments and do what he is good at.
Only mostly AWOL.

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Dr M

Name: Lawrence Derrith

Alter Ego: none

Species: Human

Team or Organization: none, at the RP's "present time" working under a non-disclosure contract for the highest bidder

Gender: male

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: very dark brown

Skin Color: light beige

Age: 34

Powers and abilities: use of most combat equipment, knowledge of ambush tactics and (partially) corporate conduct

Distinguishing Marks: none

Most used phrases: "I'm just in it for the money.", "For shame."

Mannerism: saying "Right" when disagreeing with someone

Sexual Orientention: heterosexual

Martial Status (current or recent): never married

Parents: status unknown, most probably in an elderly house, dead, or living on their own in northern Europe

Family(if any): uncles and aunts, no close relatives besides parents

Favourite Food: pasta in most forms

Least Favourite Food: any seafood

Weakness(es): egotism, reliance on body implants for strength

Fears: prolonged death, ending up without any money

Best environment: Earth, cities and rural areas

Worst environment: water, be it Pandora or Earth

Lawrence was most probably born in western Europe, but most of his past is untraceable. If a name coincidence is excluded, he studied Business Administration in London Business School, which could explain the specifics of his job. Most people have never heard about him and his name is not tied to any important figure or event, but he has done work for important political figures and company executives, helping in "business takeovers" and other "negotiations". It's not clear whether he has ever assassinated anyone, but his work has often resulted in political shifts or corporate management changes. It's unclear where he had received his military training, but his proficiency at organising covert operations coupled with his formal education allowed him to charge extravagant prices for his services.
Lawrence's motives seem to always be financial and so he approaches life's choices with a calculated mindset.

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