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Put your profiles here for NaC
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Eana Taw atsawl

Name: Rolatxo te Tipani Kxete'an (Rolatxo of the Tipani, Son of Kxete'), or just "Rolo" for short.

Species: Na'vi

Faction: Undecided, Ex-RDA

Gender: Male

Appearance: His face is relatively clear of marks, besides the piercings in his right ear (three silver studs), his face is fair, and his eyes hardened with the hell he's seen. His body bears a thousand scars, a testament to his work and the brutal cycle of training and combat. His hair is unkempt due to his devil-may-care attitude, but it isn't in his eyes, most of it is swept back with his queue. There are a few strands that fall in front of his ears, and they are braded, using what Na'vi stuff he still has.

: 27

Skills: Capable of using just about any weapon designed, either by Human or Na'vi hands. He is trained to pilot several different types of aircraft and can drive anything, be it on 2 wheels, 4 wheels or more. He is athletic and fast, even when carrying the small armoury he calls a backpack.

Weapons: WASP MK 6 Revolver on his hip, with no spare ammo (6 rounds loaded)
         MP 23 SMG w/ 2 clips (one in the gun, one spare) 
         Hunter missile w/ 1 spare rocket
              XZ6 5.56 AR w/ 3 clips (1 in the gun, 1 bound to the clip in the gun, 1 in his webbing)

and various throwing knives and grenades. He also carries the traditional hunting dagger, which Na'vi tsamsiyu have carried for thousands of years.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Martial status: Un-mated

Family: None left alive. His father passed away only 3 months ago.

Favourite food: Teylu, cooked with sweet and sour sauce with stir-fried Pandoran Veg. A rare dish considering the rapidly diminishing natural resources.

Favourite phrase: "My my, what a pain...Oh well, it can't be helped..."

Fears: losing his cool (snapping, getting angry, etc)

Best environment: Any straight-forward combat situation, situations where the odds are against him (he loves to gamble)

Worst environment: Any urgent situation, as he can take a while to get moving.

Significant history: Rolo is one of the last of the ancient tribal families that still exist on Pandora, hence his very Na'vi name. His relation to one of the only powerful Na'vi families on Pandora meant that he didn't receive as much persecution as the average Na'vi did. He joined the RDA, as he wanted to make sure he was on the side of the rulers, not the ruled. Despite his laziness (which his father had despaired of, telling him "Your ancestors were some of the strongest warriors in history, they fought everyday for survival, and you can't even be asked to get up to go to work in the morning."

Although this was said as gentle teasing, befitting the close relationship between a father and his only male heir, there was a tinge of bitterness. Rolo's father was a long-time, active member of the PLF. Rolo turned a blind eye, but he knew that his father was disappointed with him for taking the path of least resistance and joining the RDA. He had wanted his son to take over from him as a member of the PLF.

He was cycled into the Pandora Defence Force and was trained to be an officer, a section commander, a role befitting his status (he was a 'noble' Na'vi, but they would never consider making him anything higher than Section commander, no matter how good he was.) This lack of advancement would have annoyed most people, but Rolo didn't care too much. He had a nice section, all nice guys. Of the 7 other members of his section, there were 2 other Na'vi, and the Human members didn't pick on them (how could they, their superior officer was a Na'vi himself.) They all got on quite well, overcoming the differences in race to become good friends, the exception to the rule.

This peace was shattered by war. During one of their routine responses to a suspected PLF sighting. Their section was opened up upon. In an instant, Delta fire team, made up of 4 men, including his 2 IC (second In Command) was annihilated. His surviving fire team was losing the firefight, and for once, Rolo snapped. He went on a mad death-or-glory charge, firing then dropping his gun, meleeing and stealing another gun, firing from the hip, etc. He fought until a bullet hit him in the shoulder and took him out. His fire team managed to recover him, sustaining only one other fatality.

After Rolo had recovered, he was approached about joining an elite team of fighters known as the PAIN, the Pandora Advanced Infantry Network. All operatives worked alone, but were connected by this central administration network, which co-ordinated their attacks and efforts. They were the swords that struck back against the PLF, while the Defence Force was the shield. Rolo grudgingly accepted, having no section to go back to. The time he spent as a PAIN Hitman was the most mentally distressing time in his life. He was slaughtering hundreds of people every month. He felt as if the killing had almost infected him. He was losing who he was under the waves of bloodlust and murder. So he got out before it was too late. The RDA weren't going to let their prize assassin go without a fight, and they pursued him for an entire year before giving up the chase.

Rolo drifted for a long time, a being without purpose. He spent his time gambling and drinking, getting in bar fights and arguments in back-street gambling dens. He was quite good at what he played, so he managed to keep his head above the water when it came to his finances. He was never rich, but he could afford to eat and sleep. But this couldn't last forever. His father's aide got in touch with him to tell him his father was gravely ill, and he had requested to see his son.
His father tried his best to persuade him to join the PLF, to fight for freedom, but he hadn't known about his son's descent into chaos as a PAIN operative. He turned his father down flat, though it hurt to do it. Rolo had had enough of being told what to fight for and when. From now on, Rolo swore, HE would be the only person who he would fight for, and he would fight by his rules when and where he felt like it. So Rolo dipped his toe into the mercenary pool, and never came back up for oxygen.

It was during this time that he found a man whose skill set complemented Rolo's so well, that the two went on to become a mercenary pair. They gained renown as "The Dead Cert", which was the odds of their success. It has been just over a year since this partnership was formed, and fate has new plans for this Na'vi warrior, ones that will lead him back to his now dead father's wishes.

Different character, because me and tawtewng have had an idea. The "other man" is Tawtewng's character, but I'm not going to say his name, I'll wait for Tawtewng to post his character.

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Name: Colonel Grylls, D

Species: Human

Faction: RDA

Gender: Male

Appearance: Bald head with a moustache and goatee, only 6''2' very built. Has dark green eyes, size 14 feet. Usualy found wearing his standard issue RDA uniform and found in the main RDA building with other high ranking officials

Age: 30

Skills: Keeping Na'vi enslaved, Pandoran RDA Shooting Champion, Playing Pool, Darts, Computer Games, Ambush and combat strategizing.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Martial status: Divorced

Family: No known afiliations

Favourite food: T-Bone steak cooked to medium

Favourite phrase: Praeclarum custodem ovium lupum (English Translation: Best protector of sheep the wolf). Fight Fire With Fire

Fears: Loosing his job

Best environment: All environments, he will adapt

Worst environment: It'a all bad for him for the first little bit

Significant history: Born on Pandora to unknown parents, they were killed when he was young so he has no recolection of having parents.  He fended for himself with help of friend whom he lived with.
When he was old enough he joined the RDA as a grunt, sharing a common hate for the Na'vi like many others did.

He had talent with all types of weapons when he wnet through basic training. He came out and did normal soldier stuff until he reached the rank of Coproral then he was able to go and instruct others at the shooting range (civilian/ RDA) His talent with a rifle led him to become a National Shooting Champion on Pandora for 9 years in a row. Due to his quick thinking he was promoted to Lt. and given the job as a strategist. He was shortly after promoted to Captain then to Major.

One day the current head of security was assasinated by an anti-RDA activist, Danny was then gien the job as the RDA had high expectations from him.

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Txur Niftxavang

Name: Robert Redfield
Nickname  Rob  

Species: Na'vi
Faction: PLF
Gender: Male

Appearance: Height 10'2" Weight 320lbs.  Muscular build but lean muscle, black hair, hazel eyes.
Long hair, swept back along his queue.   
Age: 24
Skills: Archery, Modern weapons Marksman MG-19, and M147 .50BMG  gunsmithing, ammosmith, scouting. General firearms knowledge. Main weapons MG-19, and side arm 43SF,  Also carries the M147, for long range/ recon applications.  

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Martial status: Not mated
Family: Henry, Friend from; 2nd Recon Battalion, 2nd Marines.
Favourite food: Redsnapper
Favourite phrase: Oohrah!  
Fears: Regret

Best environment: Urban combat, clearing houses, long range recon dry/ humid, temperate/ tropical regions, and deserts.  
Worst environment: Cold climates.

Significant history: Has no na'vi family, or doesn't remember. Remembers being adopted, then being sent to an RDA Reseach facility on Pandora, escaped those scientist sticking tranqs in him, and those who had just tortured him for being different. When he was eighteen he joined MEUSOC, after boot camp. After his deployment, His friend set up this pad for him to calm down and get back on their feet, without orders, civilian life is very different, and its scary sometimes.        
Easy going, gets stuff done, no cutting & running. Trustful, but careful about picking friends.  Has had aysawtute friends, but not many.        
Does enjoy other hapxi na'viya company, often not sociable though, and is known for a soft side.  Hates RDA with a passion, but is reasonable under adverse circumstances.  
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If anyone has a question about firearms training/ Bow training leave a message, a voicemail on my phone, or text.
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Txantslusam Skxawng

Name: Stefan Pryce

Nickname: Spook

Species: Na'vi

Faction: PLF

Gender: Male

Appearance: Black hair, 3,87 meters, 150 kilo, healthy body structure for a Na'vi and in a very good condition. But he do has some scars on his back.

Age: 25

Skills: He is good at disarming enemies and is a skilled sniper.

Weapons: Primary weapon: V25
Sidearm: Silenced 43SF

Sexual orientation: Straight

Martial status: N/A

Family: He has a sister, Ilenä, he doesn't know where she is, last time he heard something about her, she was working in an RDA factory.
Father and mother died in an so called accident, they actually were killed.
He has a girlfriend, Selena Wolf, also with the PLF, fighting for a free Pandora. But after Stefan went to specialize himself as a sniper, he got less time to hang out with Selena. He is still hoping she isn't mad at him.

Favourite food: Snacks, mostly chips.

Favourite phrase: ''I'm Spook... and you are?''

Fears: Losing his sister.
Losing his friends.

Best environment: Sniper territory.

Worst environment: Open ground or big open warzones.

Significant history: Stefan Pryce was born on a concrete Pandora. It was turned into a major metropolis. His childhood wasn't nice either. As a Na'vi he could not do things Humans could do. He tried doing those things when nobody is watching, but he got caught multiple times. After being caught a lot on an older age, 15, they had put him in a factory were he had to work. Luckily he did get paid. Stefan was treated in a normal way in the factory, they weren't very mean to him, but neither being nice to him. The factory he worked with was a small Dutch company. So when he heard the human saying words he could not understand, he thought they would be talking a different language, but he didn't know the name. When he was 20, he was still working in the same factory, but the workers still weren't nice to him. Some weeks later, the boss wanted to see Stefan, Stefan went to his boss, without being seen. The boss was scared to death when he saw Stefan.

''Stefan, you scared the sh*t out of me! You're like a spook!''

''Sorry sir. But what is a 'spook', I never heard of it.''

''It's a different word for a ghost. I said that because when you came in you didn't made a single sound. I didn't noticed you. It suits you, Spook.''

''But you wanted to see me sir?''

''Yes, this company has been going through a rough time lately and......''

''What are you trying to say sir?

''Look, I have to fire you.''

''What!? I never did anything wrong here, did I sir?''

''Yes, you are right. But this company is almost bankrupt, I can't afford it anymore.''

And Stefan was send away on to the streets. No job, no home, no protection, practically no life. A few days later he was walking around on the streets in the early morning. There were a few other Na'vi going to there jobs, but a small group went into a different direction. Since Stefan didn't a job or something, he decided to follow them. After a few minutes of following them he went into an alley, but then saw nobody.

''Where did they go?....''

And then he got hit on the back of his head, unconscious. Later he woke, tied against a pole and someone was asking him something. Stefan didn't listened and said.

''What is this? Where am I? Oh sh*t, every thing is going downwards since I got fired.''

''Why were you following us? Do you work for the RDA?''

''What!? I don't work for the RDA. I don't even like them, in fact I hate them, thinking they are better then us.''

And with that he got untied knowing that Stefan didn't worked for the RDA and could be trusted.

''Now we give you a choice, you team up with us or you go back to your pathetic life.''

''I had a crappy job for 5 years! There is no way I'm going back to that, I was screwed anyway. I'll guess that leaves one option, joining you guys.''

''You made the right choice, welcome to the PLF, that's short for Pandora Liberation Force.''

''Good to know. Oh and my name is Stefan, but you guys can call me Spook.''

And that's how Stefan joined the PLF and got his nickname ''Spook'', he started as a rookie, doing the minor jobs, but as longer he was with the PLF, the better he got. Stefan noticed that he is very skilled sniper. He specialized himself in it and now he is a skilled member of the PLF. As a skilled member he got to do more important things then he was a rookie, one assignment went wrong. Stefan doesn't like to talk about, he might talk about to someone about it he knows very well.

Now he has been with for 5 years and is still fighting with them for a free Pandora.
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Meet Steve. The unbalanced lunatic who would slit your throat just to see what colour your blood is.

Name: Steve

Species: Human

Faction: Neutral

Gender: Male

Appearance:Steve is of an average height and average build. His dark hair is usually kept under a  hat of some description and his light blue eyes are concealed behind dark glasses.

Age: 25

Skills:Steve is like a ghost. He is one of the best people he knows of at Parkour and his skill with knives is only matched by his desire to use them. Alongside his knives is a suppressed 43SF and a high tech modern compensate bow.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Martial status: Not married

Family: Steve's entire family was killed when he was fifteen. As the murderer came to kill him Steve snapped, went insane and stabbed him.  Ever since then his only family has been his knives.

Favourite food: Almost raw meat

Favourite phrase: It's just you, me and my little knife now.

Fears: Clowns.

Best environment: In the dark .

Worst environment: exposed with nowhere to hide.

Significant history:Steve had an unremarkable childhood all the way up to his fifteenth birthday. A week after it a murderer broke into his family's home while they slept. After dragging them alal into the front room but missing Steve who had woken up to get a drink and hid when the man broke in the murderer proceeded to kill his family. Steve ran from his hiding place and grabbed his grandfather's old combat knife from where it had been hung on the wall. With it he stabbed the murderer. Killing him. In that act Steve discovered his love of killing. He ran away from his home after setting it on fire and joined one of the many gangs who roved the slums.
Here he learnt the skills of Parkour and also learnt the value of stealth and speed as he quickly became the leader of one of the gangs and while many of them got caught he never did. Until one disastrous fight led to the RDA getting directly involved after one of the managers lost his son to the violence. Steve along with most of his group were caught and imprisoned for nearly five years at which point the RDA released Steve. The price of his freedom was to kill several key figures among the various terrorist groups which strengthened the RDA's grip on Pandora.
After finishing these tasks he was free to do what he wanted so he became a mercenary. For several years he worked alone until meeting Rolo when both of them were hired for the same mission and they have been working together ever since.
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Name: Elijah Spooner

Species: Human

Faction: His true allegiances lie with the PLF, but is also an RDA Executive

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall at 210 cm.  Full head of grey hair, groomed well.  Clean shaven.  Athletic build.  Always looking his best, with suits and a fedora to match.

Age: 50

Skills: Elijah is one of the most charismatic men the human and Na'vi race has ever seen.  He knows how to manipulate systems for his desired goal, and is a master of deception.

Sexual orientation: Straight

Martial status: Divorced.  His one-and-only wife disagreed with his ideas of liberating the Na'vi, and could not bear to support him in his efforts.

Family: No kids.  Parents had died off after they had found secret documents of the RDA's efforts to suppress the Na'vi

Favourite food: Steak, though he eats this very sparingly.

Favourite phrase: "Only a few people who have power choose to do good with it."

Fears: Discovery of his true allegiances.

Best environment: with the fellow members of the PLF

Worst environment: Anywhere else besides with the PLF

Significant history: As a kid, Elijah was friends with many Na'vi.  Sure, he hung with humans too, but his best friends were Na'vi.  As he grew, his human friends started to scorn him for conversing with Na'vi, and he left his human friends soon after.  In his late teens, he grew more and more angered seeing his Na'vi friends denied education and proper places to live, as well as decent jobs.

One day, when walking home from his part-time job at his university's dining hall, he saw a gang fight between six college-aged humans and a Na'vi child.  Hiding to not be seen, he saw the fight escalated, and a human pulled a gun... Once the shot was fired, the gang ran.  Elijah was angered beyond compare.  Using his anger, he graduated and fought his way up the corporate ladder at the RDA, taking care to NEVER let his true intentions of helping the Na'vi be realized by his co-workers. 

Today, as a top executive, he uses whatever money he doesn't need to live off of to supply the liberation force with supplies for their efforts, including food, weapons, protective gear, and whatever else that the force may need.  His one goal he wishes to see happen in his lifetime is the Na'vi to be liberated, and he refuses to die without it happening.

"... The only people that are going to have a chance to make a living playing music is the people who do exactly what they believe in ... they have to believe in this so much that they are ready to die for it." - Jojo Mayer

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Tsuksìm atsawl (KaPTan)

Name: Simat salaan
Faction: Neutral
Gender: Male
Appearance:4' 11"
Skills: (what is he/she/it good at) Weaving
Sexual orientation: straight
Martial status:was married, wife died in childbirth.
Family: one daughter
Favourite food: pasta
Favourite phrase: well isn't that just swell.
Fears: the death of his daughter
Best environment: his workshop
Worst environment: wide open spaces
Significant history: He was born on earth.  At an early age, he was outcast from his family for being to short and seen as "defective".  On the streets, he was found by the owner of a tailoring shop.  Now, the man of the shop had several sons already, but he decided to take Simat in and teach him his trade.  It soon became apparent that he was far more skilled than any of the owners sons.  Unknowingly, Simat became the heir to the master's business.  At the age of 25 Simat lost what had become his father and inherited the business.  The true sons were not happy, and Sim, fearing for his life, left to go to Pandora and start his own business there.  Since arriving on Pandora, Sim has made clothing for all tiers of Pandoran society, including many high ranking officials of both the RDA and (unknowingly) the PLF.

He met his with Sarai on Pandora shortly after starting his business.  Shortly after that they were married and preparing to have a child.  During childbirth they were unable to get Sarai to the nearest hospital and she died in childbirth to one daughter, Silith.  That was nine years ago, and silith is friends to both Na'vi and Humans alike, tending to stick to her own race however. 
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Name:Tsko Swizaw




Appearance:A slightly larger than average na'vi, has a few scars on his back from his secrete training.  


Skills:Especially good with a bow, Good at cooking and loves the air (jumping, Flying), also is learning the art of throwing knives.

Sexual orientation:Straight as a rock...

Martial status:single

Family:They were all killed for plotted rebellion, Tsko was spared from his young age.

Favourite food: Food that is edible

Favourite phrase:"Daammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"

Fears: The world without twinkies, and the rda (not really fears as much as hates)

Best environment:dense woods

Worst environment:open feilds (if he is the one in it)

Significant history:Tsko was spared after his parents and relatives were executed. They had plotted against the RDA and failed. They were captured and taken away and Tsko had no clue what happened. They figured he was too young to have helped with the plotting so they spared him. His last remaining sibling was his older brother. He raised him till he was old enough to survive on his own. When Tsko had turned 17 his brother grew I'll and gave him a gift and he said, "Once I'm gone I want you to take this. In my room there is a trapdoor hidden under the floor. You will see what is there and you will know what to do. And sure enough he went there. He opened it to be a bow - one used by his ancestors. He went into his brothers room and found the trapdoor under his bed. There was a archery targer, loads of arrows, a tredmill like thing, and many supplies.

Tsko trained hard every day in secreteness. He was able to hit the target from 80 yards away dead center, and could run faster and longer every day. After awile the training got more effective and he grew very strong. He felt soon something would happen that would change his history.
(anything i need to fix?, Also Is a bow allowed instead of other weapons?)
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