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Started by Spartan-907-, March 07, 2010, 12:29:02 AM

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Okay, here's the deal, I'm new, and I'm no good at running RPs,[I do have experience at RPing, but all the RPs that I run, die faster then a human without an exopack in the Pandoran wilderness.] this is a request for someone to start an RP for me.

I'm being honest here, I can RP well, but, I tend to have to be in a significant side role [A supporting character, if you will.]
I was thinking of the timeframe being a generation or two after the events of the film, I've already got a character ready, and I haven't been able to find a suitable RP for him.
The setting would be the territory of the Omaticaya, and possibly the edges of others.

Now, I'm not trying to be lazy by asking for help, but I'm more of an "ideas" kind of guy, I'm not so good at management of threads. So, rutxe, oe pawm ngenga niftxavang, srung.


I see that people are reading this, If you have anything at all to say, please, feel free to do so, insult me if you want, I would just like some feedback.


i will help you just gimmie lil bit to think about one and send me buddy thing and ill send when i finish and
you can see what you like and dont like
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Join Stange Lands - A Pandoran RP. Pretty much any character is accepted, you are as important as you want to be, and it takes place on ALL of Pandora (even other continents).

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