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Rise of the Covenant Character Profiles go here.


Name: Sä'nek

Alter Ego: Christian Lee James

Nickname(s): CJ, Ghost

Species: Human

Team or Organization: UNSC: ODST

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Bronze

Age: 18

Powers and abilities: Crack shot with any ranged weapon, steady aim and a steady mind.

Distinguishing Marks: His height. At 6'2", he stands out in a crowd.

Most used phrases: "Goodnight."

Mannerism: Level headed, reasonable, the mediator.

Sexual Orientention: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): None

Parents: Brooke James and Ryan James

Family(if any): Only child

Favourite Food: It's food. It shouldn't be patronized.

Least Favourite Food: See previous note.

Weakness(es): CQC

Fears: Being trapped in close quarters with an Elite.

Best environment: Anywhere where he can see the battlefield.

Worst environment: CQC

Significant History: Chris was born on Eridanus-II in the year of 2513. He lived a quiet life, never expecting to go anywhere or do anything important. But he did. At the age of 17, Chris graduated from the USNA with flying colors. Within the month, NAVSPECWAR approached him and recruited him into the ODST program. Chris became the youngest ODST ever recruited. Now a year later, Chris is no longer the young adult that he was. He has become a machine, a true ODST. Unlike some of the younger personnel in the UNSC, Chris' maturity level is far beyond normal. He is an outstanding sniper, the top of his class, with quick eyes and a steady hand. Stealth is his middle name, and his nickname is aptly chosen: "Ghost".


Duma Vadamee {Aungia Tsawkeyä}

Name: Spartan-109: Duma

Alter Ego: Duma Vadamee (will be called this in later RPing)

Nickname(s): Duma, "freezer", "slayerboy".

Species: Human

Team or Organization: UNSC: Spartan II

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Glacier blue

Hair Color: dirty blond

Skin Color: Tanned white

Age: 19

Powers and abilities: other then superhuman strength and speed, is a fine marksman with any weapon, human or otherwise.

Distinguishing Marks: 7'3 in height, Eyes tend to freeze people in fear or make them uncomfortable.

Most used phrases: "Ah, hell..."

Mannerism: Polite, takes orders well, but can be stubborn at times. Very friendly.

Sexual Orientention: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): N/A

Parents: N/A

Family(if any): Adopted

Favorite Food: N/A

Least Favorite Food: N/A

Weakness(es): Although good with the gun on the field, sniping. has been trained to work any weapon with great accuracy, including melee and covenant weapons.

Fears: Failing at the mission.

Best environment: open and closed battlefields including close combat.

Worst environment: shooting at anything really longed ranged.

Significant History: *^--Information restricted--^*


Name: Paruto 'Vadamee

Alter Ego: N/A

Nickname(s): "Tank"

Species: Sangheili

Team or Organization: Covenant

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Light brown

Hair Color: No hair

Skin Color: Brown

Age: 22

Powers and abilities: Pretty much equally good in every aspect of combat, although he can be above the bar when it comes to fighting with energy swords.

Distinguishing Marks: Other than his 7'11 Height and Armor, Paruto has a plasma burn that rakes across the entire left shoulder-blade area, leaving it scared and disturbing to look at.

Most used phrases: N/A

Mannerism: When not around military officials, He is kind and informal. When around them, if higher he does what he is told without restraint and speaks very little unless spoken to (not including exceptions). Lower status has him in charge and ordering them around if necessary. Sometimes his voice can break into bitterness or any other emotion in front of military officials if he doesn't keep himself in check. Religion never clouds his reason, which is half the reason why he became Shipmaster and Ossonna in such a short span of time.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Martial Status (current or recent): Ossoona

Parents: His parents were killed in a fire when he was 2 years of age.

Family(if any): His uncle, Tako 'Vadamee

Favorite Food: N/A

Least Favorite Food: N/A

(you learn not to be very picky within the Covenant)

Weakness(es): Gore. Technically he faces this every day, but what the Flood can create is the only thing that makes his stomach weak.

Fears: - Not being good enough in the prophets eyes
        -Failing at what has been given to him
        -His uncle

Best environment: Open and closed environments, and Vacuum combat

Worst environment: Being surrounded from all sides.

Significant History: Since his birth in 2503, Paruto has always been a magnet for weirdness and occasional bad luck. At the age of two, his parents died within a fire. When he became old enough to hold a weapon, he was not particularly interested in warfare and military training, even though he was superb at all of his training. At (human) age 16 he went to one of the best war collages on his home planet and graduated within 4 years.
    Very little is known of the missions he had been sent on, but records tell that on every one of them he had done something beyond what was expected of a minor. He quickly rose through the ranks from major to Shipmaster within the shortest time in over a hundred years. He soon became Ossoona within months after becoming the owner of his own ship. Now he is currently on a mission of the Prophets, visiting the once human planet of Harvest for reasons restricted to every Official except to his crew and the Fleetmaster.

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Eaite Randjam

Well, I don't think we can have a roleplay named "Rise of the Covenant" without some Covies now can we?  Here we go:

Rise of the Covenant Character Profiles go here.


Name:  Eaite Randjam

Alter Ego:  Fasu 'Kasamee

Nickname(s):  Split lip, Squid head, Elite, Ahhhhhh!, and Kaz

Species:  Sangheili

Team or Organization:  Covenant Empire

Gender:  Male

Eye Color:  Brown

Hair Color:  None

Skin Color:  Gray

Age:  25 (in human years)

Powers and abilities:  excels in hand to hand combat and medium ranged weapons combat.  Also accredited as the master of three lance units.

Distinguishing Marks:  the only distinguishing mark is a ring-shaped birth mark on his torso, a source of ego and pride for him.

Most used phrases:  "By the rings..."

Mannerism:  Light-hearted among comrades, vicious and cold on the battlefield.  Any order that is worth executing is worth pounding into the dirt.

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual

Martial Status (current or recent):  Single


  • Father: unknown
  • Mother: Sarh

Family(if any):  One brother, Ado 'Kasamee

Favourite Food:  *Redacted*

Least Favourite Food:  *Redacted*

Weakness(es):  Open Battlefields

Fears:  Deep-seeded distrust of the Jiralhanae (brutes)

Best environment:  Mid to close range combat on the ground and in space.

Worst environment:  Under water, in mid-air, and long range situations.

Significant History:  Fasu 'Kasamee was born in the year 2500 A.D. on Sanghelios and was raised and trained by his uncle.  He graduated from one of the planet's accredited war colleges and immediately went into the service of the Covenant.  He swiftly rose to the rank of Ultra, and commands several lances.


Well, there we go.  Tell me when you guys want Kaz to appear.


Name: Tawtewng   

Alter Ego: Kylar Darkwood

Nickname(s): Shadow, Nighthawk.

Species: Human

Team or Organization: Rogue

Gender: Male

Eye Colour: One eye is a piercing blue the other a dark red

Hair Colour: Black

Skin Colour: an almost unhealthily pale white

Age:   28

Powers and abilities: Edward is a master of the art of stealth and close quarter combat and surprisingly clever.

Distinguishing Marks: His unusually pale skin

Most used phrases: "..."

Mannerism: Quiet and murderous. A psychopath.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Marital Status (current or recent): None

Parents:  deader than a doornail.

Family(if any): two sisters and a younger brother all dead.

Favourite Food: Meat

Least Favourite Food: Lead

Weakness(es):  Paranoid, restless

Fears:  to grow old

Best environment: Dark places, The night.

Worst environment: exposed areas with little or no cover

Significant History: Kylar served the UNSC faithfully until his family was killed during the rebellion. His father was one of the ringleaders of the group and he was killed along with the rest of his family when the Spartans attacked the station.  When news of this reached him he went berserk. He killed the rest of his squad while they slept and fled the base.  Since then he's been hiding. His resentment of the SPARTAIN IIs and the UNSC only growing as time passed.
Only mostly AWOL.


Name: Apxa Ioang

Alter Ego: Major Alexander Jackson Kane

Nickname(s): Alex, Major Kane

Species: Human

Team or Organization: UNSC Marines

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Pale Hazel

Hair Color: Silver

Skin Color: Light Tan

Age: 52

Powers and Abilities: Resilient and strong, Alexander's experiences have made him a physically and mentally a stalwart man. His mind works quickly, despite his older age, and he's a brilliant strategist.

Distinguishing Marks: Thanks to a rather nasty incident involving a box of fragmentation grenades and a trigger-happy, rock-bottom drunkard of a private, Alex has garnered a prosthetic right arm and leg, scars aplenty on the right side of his face, and a slight limp when walking. On the left side of his body, Alex proudly bears a "UNSC Marines" tattoo on the shoulder, and a barcode tattoo on the pectoral.

Most Used Phrases: N/A

Mannerism: Demanding, but fair. Alexander has learned when to chew a man out, but also when to give him a kind word or two. He does not take anyone's crap, and looks for the most efficient solution to any problem.

Sexual Orientention: Heterosexual

Martial Status: Divorced.


          -Matthew Gardener Kane
          -Lauren Elise Kane

          -Son (Unknown age or name. From his second marriage.)

Favourite Food:
          -Key Lime Pie
          -Meat Lover's Pizza. Extra toppings. Lots of cheese. A hint of garlic.

Least Favourite Food:

          -Fast-Moving Enemies
          -Kittens. Especially the cute ones.

          -Losing good men.
          -His mother.

Best Environment:
          -Close- to Mid-Range
          -Melee Combat
          -On the battlefield, next to his men, gunning down any bastard who shoots at a UNSC Marine.

Worst Environment:
          -Away from the battlefield.

Significant History: Alexander Jackson Kane was born on December 2nd, 2473. He led a normal childhood, getting pretty average grades in school. However, when he was 16, Alexander was convicted - with five other young men, about the same age - with arson. He served six years as an inmate on the Magnus IV prison station. When he was released at the age of 22, Alexander was lost. His family had disowned him, he couldn't get a job, and he was broke. So, he did what any man would do in his situation; He enlisted in the UNSC Marines. While serving, Alexander has rebuilt himself as a straight-edge man, never even touching alcohol. He even got a wife. Two, actually, but he doesn't like to talk about the first one. He continues to serve the UNSC as the executive officer of the 4th Infantry Battalion.
If the colors that bind,
Were to unwind,
Would I still be safe,
Within my mind?