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Started by Étienne, January 01, 2010, 02:52:51 AM

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Speaking the Language you know you love

Our RP threads are for the sake of practicing our knowledge of a certain wonderful language and expending our vocabulary ten fold. Now during Na'vi RPing it is always good to keep in mind that not everyone is fluent (or as I'm sure noone is fluent) in Na'vi, so when postinga sentence in Na'vi it is a very good thing to also have the translations in the same post under the written RP. Just italicize the translations in or out of a spoiler tag which ever is more confterable for the author of the thread.
Any comments, questions, or just plain better ideas then mine feel free to post and I will update.

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I for one am just now beginning to use Na'vi words in my writing here, and they are tentative steps at best. Naturally this makes it difficult to truly RP a Na'vi character, or even an Av-driver who is (theoretically) already trained in the language, like Norm for example.

I was thinking that I'd start by using a different type of quotation marks to indicate "I am speaking in Na'vi". Something like this:

Human character: "Hello, I am new here. How are you?"
Na'vi character: <<Your alien scent fills my nose.>>
Human character: "Huh? I don't speak Na'vi."
Na'vi character: <<Obviously.>>

Something like that. Eventually, though, Na'vi will be used in full, or at least as words are developed....

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The <<>> should only be used by beginners who have no idea what they are saying. Moderate to Advance writers/speakers should be able to use the normal words. (Just make sure you let us know what you're saying, unless we go and figure it out on our own  ;)))

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