Strange Lands: A Pandoran RP Rules

Started by ShadowMainZERO, April 23, 2010, 05:24:24 PM

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1: No killing Player Characters without permission from user.

2: Partner characters cannot accept quests.

3: You can only be on one quest at a time.

4: Keep cursing and gory descriptions to a minimum.

5: No God Modding.

6: Try to keep the Deus Ex Machina to a minimum.

7: Do not violate the site rules.

Come join the adventure in Strange Lands: A Pandoran RP!

The ultimate power is found in the incorruptible light hidden deep in the darkness. You must delve into the darkest part of your heart and find that light. Once you do, never let go of it. Remember: Your heart is the greatest weapon of all.