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Ikranä mokri

Na'Vi (trainers)

Na'Vi (trainees)
Twonyu Ikranä
Atan Aylaru

Na'Vi (tribal members eg Eyktan etc)

(these to be used later)



Tirea Tskoyä has a new look see it[url=

Ikranä mokri

Name: Twonyu Ikranä

Character Name: Twonyu Ikranä

Gender: Male

Age: 17 (in human years)

Occupation: 'eveng

Team/side: Omatikya

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: I am Na'Vi

Appearance: his Na'Vi stands at around 9"11 with jet black hair. He plats it like the Na'Vi warriors do as well as wearing the same apparel as them. Has a tight single strap leather band on his right arm. He wears a simple leather necklace with a tooth from his father Ikran hanging from it as well as a shard from his first bow.
Powers/Abilities: the same as any normal Na'Vi

Distinguishing Marks: scar on his left cheek

Most Used phrases: "kä terkup", "ayoe tayaron", "tawtute peng tìngängay

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Parents: father alive, mother dead

Favourite Food: fruit

Least Favourite Food: chocolate (when he gets some)

Weaknesses: his pride for himself and his father. His mother's memory and he has a quick temper which can be flared by the slightest thing.

Fears: palulukan

Best Environment: pandora

Worst Environment: urban

Training: is still an 'eveng so he hasn't been allowed to choose an Ikran but he is self proclaimed best shot in the Omatikya

History: He was called Twonyu Ikranä because when he was a baby he used to spend all his time looking up at the sky and flying Ikran trying to catch them.

At the age of 4 he was starting to wander off on his own short distanced into the forest. And by the time he was 9 he knew the lore of the forest as well as his father.

When he was 8 years old he and his mother were down by a river when they were both attacked by palulukan. His mother pushed him into the water to save his life but unfortunately she was killed. Her body was never found.

At 9 years old he started to learn the ways of the hunter from his father and was instantly obsessed with Ikran. He loved to watch them and he has even tried to follow hunters up to the top of Iknimaya just to see the Ikran.

When he was 11 he was given a bow by his father. He went out into the forest the next day and was set upon by viperwolves. He drew the bow too far and it snapped firing the arrow down the side of his face this gave him the very obvious scar.

At 14 he saw the toruk and has ever since harboured thoughts about who the toruk makto would be, he secretly hopes that he might be.

At 17 he is still training with friends, enemies and others to become a hunter and to have his first flight.

Tirea Tskoyä has a new look see it[url=


Name: Mír'eya

Character Name: Mír'eya

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Occupation: 'eveng

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: Is Na'vi

Appearance & personality:  She is infamous for being intelligent, but somewhat more detached than other members of the clan. She is still very social and likes to swim and play with other Na'vi. She likes to make accessories and charms and such. In spite of her seemingly girlie nature she is a very strong and serious/assertive person, but also very playful. Her tail is unusually long. Her height is average for Na'vi (about 9' 2'') and her eyes are amber with light green tint in the center. The shape of her face and bone structure is similar to Neytiri's, and she wears a necklace like hers except the middle bead is a blue, horizontal cylinder shaped bead with  2 blue raindrop shaped beads on the sides. She wears typical female attire and her knife pouch has a swirly design etched into it. She typically ties carved beads or accessories to the end of her neural whip where the band is.  (I'll draw a picture later =D)

History: Mír'eya has had a pleasant life thus far. She was born into a well respected family within the tribe, and has an older brother who she loves. He likes to teach her random tricks and information about the world around them as well as cool hiding places, etc. As a child she was constantly teased about her long tail by other kids her age. They would pull on it and laugh, so she decided to branch off from the crowd. At an early age she was already getting into dangerous situations, but learned how to face her fears and survive. Now, as a teenager, she is more confident in herself and no one makes fun of her tail anymore (xD). While her brother hunted with his ikran, Mír'eya usually watched him from a tree because he inspired her to become the best hunter she could be. On one day like any other, he set out to hunt. That was the day that Turuk Makto killed him. The beast appeared out of nowhere and attacked her brother and his ikran, damaging its left wing, as well as disrupting the Tsaheylu, which caused both of them much distress. He sacrificed his life to save his beloved Ikran, which did survive. It flew over to Mír'eya, who was now running (and crying) to where she saw her brother disappear. The ikran blocked her path and lowered its head to her level. She avoided eye contact, and the ikran, carrying something in its mouth, dropped it into her hand, and she immediately recognized it as her brother's prized flight goggles (you know those things that hunters wear... lol) so now she knows that when she becomes a hunter, she will wear those goggles to remind her of how much her brother meant to her.

Training: 'eveng

Distinguishing Marks: Looong tail

Parents: father (living), mother (living), brother (deceased)

Fears: Turuk Makto, Tawtute

Weaknesses: her fears, quick to anger when others talk negatively about her brother

Favourite Food: Berries and sweet fruits

Least Favourite Food: Rotten food (LOL)

Best Environment: Pandora

Worst Environment: Human

Sexual Orientation: Straight, but can develop strong emotional bonds with females (not really in a romantic or sexual sense)


Name: Nìota

Character Name: "Elle" Eleanore Grey

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Occupation: Avatar driver specializing in xenolinguistics

Experience Speaking Na'Vi: IRL very little, yet, character speaks what she thinks is some competent Na'vi as translated from probe recordings, but she's going to get schooled. Wink

Appearance: 5'7" tall, with very thin, delicate limbs. A ballerina build to her body. So pale she's almost translucent with fine, cornsilk blonde hair that she usually keeps pulled back in a messy bun with a stylus pushed through it (or a ponytail when using said stylus), whisps falling into her very fine, petite features. Small, slightly upturned nose, cupid's bow lips and grey-gold eyes that she hides behind oval wireframe glasses. Dresses for comfort in jersey cotton blouses and A-line skirts, capri pants, or yoga sweats. Simple jewelry, like rosebud earrings or a little heart-shaped locket on a fine chain. Ballet flats or Mary Jane shoes, no heels. (Would shop at Anthropologie a lot.)

History: American born working class, the only thing that got Elle out of the gutter of society was her bright mind.  Encouraged at a young age to study, study, study and fill her cup as quickly as possible, Elle took to languages better than any other subject, though she also excelled in math and physical sciences.  An only child raised by her working father, she has never known her mother and heard very little about her, lost soon after Elle's birth due to illness and weakness caused by the pollution smothering their small home.  As a result, Elle herself has always been small, slight, and though susceptible to illness surprisingly resilient through the worst of it. It also caused her to be highly imaginative and self-entertaining.

Her brilliance eventually lead to a scholarship that paid her way through undergraduate school, and by placing for employment with RDA she completed her Masters in linguistics. Wild imagination spurred by images of a verdant green and alien world, she quickly signed on to the AVATAR program so that when RDA personnel arrive on Pandora, they can hit the ground running in learning to talk with the native population.  She is entirely confident in her ability to successfully learn Na'vi, as well as teach the natives English, in spite of the Marines' skepticism towards a girl so small.  She has no idea how deeply she's getting in over her head.

Training: Elle has trained in the piloting of an AVATAR body in preparation, as well as collaborating on and learning from the translation of the audio files sent back by the Pandoran probes. She is likely to discover that much of what she thinks she knows is either much more nuanced than she imagined, or just flat out wrong.

Avatar description: Pretty similar to her human description, except just under 3 meters tall, cyan blue, and peppered in bioluminescent freckles with no specific pattern, just vaguely symmetrical constellations across her cheeks, forehead, neck and back, a few dotting down her stomach.  She wears the RDA issue shorts and tank tops, and all of her hair gathers back into her queue, except a few thin locks that curl in front of her ears and forehead.  Her nose has a more human shape than Na'vi, due to her specific mix of DNA.

Parents: father (living), mother (deceased)

Fears: Intimacy,

Weaknesses: Arrogance, slightly out-of-touch, physical frailty, difficulty making emotional connections.

Favourite Food: Tea and biscuits with jam.

Least Favourite Food: Greasy meat and/or dairy based foods, things with slimy textures, alcohol.

Best Environment: A lab, or library.

Worst Environment: Social situations, wilderness (urban or jungle!)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual. Elle finds the idea of physical intimacy embarrassing, mildly disgusting, and uncomfortable. She gets along best with other women and Beta-males.
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Might as well join.

Name: Lightna

Character name: Brian Core

Team or organization: He is his own team (as of now)

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Skin color: Caucasian

Power/abilities: Survivalist, marksman, hunter, Avatar pilot

Distinguishing marks: Nothing different besides the fact he is very tall for a human.

Most common phrases: "Trust your instincts; they'll serve you well." "Try to remember the basics of close combat." "Oh crap..."

Mannerism: Normally, Brian is the kind of guy you would want to hang out with. He has a system that keeps everything in order in his own way and is somewhat the social "butterfly." In a survival or firefight situation, he is strictly bussiness and has zero tolerance for anyone that is monkeying around in a life or death situation.

Sexual Orientation: Straight. 'Nuff said.

Marital status: He has no prior engagements.

Parents: His parents had a fortune from selling refined Unobtantium. Bryant Core, now disceased. Samantha Core, now disceased. Both parents killed in the conflagaration of their home.

Family: Close family disceased.

Favorite food: Grown accustomed to survival rations. He absolutely enjoys oriental food such as sushi and pork fried rice. Loves sweet fruit as well.

Least favorite food: Virtually none. He eats practically anything they put in front of him (besides the food they serve in the mess hall.)

Weakness(es): Has a "bleeding" heart, dislikes hurting others outside of a surviavl environment.

Best environment: Either by himself or with a friend that has the same mind-set as him in a survivalist situation

Worst environment: Surrounded by idiots who aren't doing their jobs

Significant history: The Core Mining Corporation were among the first to arrive on Pandora and struck "gold" when they found Unobtanium deposits. Unlike RDA, they respected the Na'vi and the environment so they worked in places that wouldn't severely affect the Na'vi and wildlife. They managed to mine roughly 50 kilos and refined it (which is about two billion dollars.) After paying their workers their share, there was still a very sizable amount left that could've turned their mining operations full-scale but before that thought crossed the workers' minds, RDA arrived on the scene. The Core Mining Corporation has been defunct ever since.

Now Brian grew up on the stories of Pandora and lived a life of luxary but he despised the luxary and perfered to rough it. When he expressed his interest in the wild, his parents commissioned a building company to construct a large building equipped with VR technology. The tech was equipped with what Earth looked like before it became what it was in the movie and could also add other environments. Brian's parents added the wilds of Pandora into the system. The only thing that wasn't able to be added was Pandora's atmosphere. (But he learned how to use an exopack and commonly wore it when in Pandora simulations. He is also yet to learn that Pandora's gravity is different and the air is more dense.)

Brian spent every day after school, and when his homework was done, he roughed it in the simulated environment of Pandora. Even some of his friends joined him in the simulations but that's when he got irritated. He was happy that his friends were interested in what he likes but during situations that required focus (such as "free climbing," predator attacks, or split second decisions.) That is his main pet peeve that everyone around him is goofing off when they needed to work together as a team to succeed.

What he ultimately likes is surviving in hostile environments and he longed to go to Pandora not only just to survive, but to live a new life. To be "reborn," so to speak. Brian eventually went onto college to train as an Avatar pilot when he heard of the Avatar project. Fueled by his desire to live life free in a lush, green environment, he completed his years in College with honors. But then, tradgedy struck. While he was out spending his Graduation night in the simulated environments of Pandora, an explosion went off at his parents home and a fire ignited. Once he heard of the news, he rushed to the scene and watched as his childhood home burned to the ground. Both parents were inside the home and were pronounced dead.

Roughly a week later, Brian had offically inherited his parents' fortune and used it to invest his own Avatar. Besides the fortune, Brian didn't see any reason to remain on Earth. Once he recieved word his Avatar was being created, he boarded the five and a half year space journey to Pandora, leaving behind the dying world he once called "home."

Atan Aylaru

Name: Atan Aylaru

Character Name: Seze'ite ("Seze" for short)

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Age: 15 (in human years)

Species: Na'vi

Apperance: short-ish jet black hair

History: Seze's father was killed by a riti only a few months after she was born, leaving her to be raised by her mother.  She has no siblings, and as a result, has always been kind of introverted.  Twonyu has always been a crush of hers, but she has never voiced this.  Her initiation ceremony has been greatly anticipated by both her and her mother, and she looks forward to choosing her ikran.
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Txantslusam Skxawng

Name: Txantslusam Skxawng

Character Name: Natan Shafer

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Occupation: Avatar Pilot

Team/side: RDA ( He doesn't like it there )

Experience Speaking Na'vi: He can speak Na'vi, but like many, he is still in a learning-proces.

Appearance: Somewhere about 5'10. And some scars on his back.

Avatar Appearance: Around 9'10 and has some scars on his back what he also has on his normal body

Distinguishing Marks: Natan has a some scars on his back which he also has on his Avatar, which is very strange, because that shouldn't have been there. Natan also wears a black cap and also his Avatar wears a black cap

Most used phrases:       

''Damn''     ''FUBAR''

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Martial Status: N/A

Parents: Richard Shafer(father) and Evelyn Fisher(mother) alive on Earth, but both are in the hospital.

Favourite Food: Pancakes

Least Favourite Food: Pineapple

Weaknesses: Doesn't always thinks of a plan B

Fears: Falling to death and not able to be with his parents when they die

Best Environment: Surrounded with friends

Worst Environment: On an open field

Training: Only some training from the RDA, but he doesn't exactly know what he will encounter, except for danger.


Natan was born on Earth in the Hospital of Geleen in Limburg, the Netherlands. Natan was a healthy baby when he was born and his parents Richard and Evelyn were very happy with that, since the area were they lived was a pretty dangerous neighbourhood.

When Natan was at the age of 5 he was playing in the forest a lot making wooden shelter and sneaking around, since he played a lot of hide and seek.

At the age of 12 Natan went to primary school, he passed without a sweat. He almost never had bad grades, but when he got one, he did his best to get better grades. But when he passed primary his concentration on study began to go downwards. He didn't wanted to stay in school anymore, but go on survival trips into the forest, what's left of it.
After one year, his grades became better and better, he became very smart and when he turned 18, the RDA offers him a job as an researcher/scientist on Pandora, he accepted it. And after a few years he arrived on Pandora.
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Name: Emtokay

Character Name: James Ashton

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Occupation: Avatar Pilot

Team/side: RDA

Experience Speaking Na'vi: Still has lots to learn

Appearance: Doesnt look like your average PHD. hes 6''5' high, has a bit of muscle, shoulder length curly hair, tribal tattoo across shoulder blades, tattoo sleeve down half of right arm

Avatar appearance: pretty the same as he is except in Na'vi and no Tattoos

Distinguishig MarksL Tattoos

Most Used Phrases: "RTFA" "Danger Close"

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Up for grabs ladies

Favorite Food: Wedges topped with Cheese and Bacon

Least Favorite Food: CR1M's (Combat Rations)

Weaknes's: Being left behind

Best Environment: One he can see or seek out the enemy

Worst Environment: Science Lab with an annoying boss or trainer

Training: Sniper Training, Commando Reserves Basic Training, Urban Ops, AVTR Training

He was born in Brisbane Australia and lived in a life of crime, at the afe of 11 he hear about the AVTR program and siad thats what i want to be, so he learned up onbiology, Physics and Chemistry in school he left school and enrolled in the Commando reserves at the age of 17, shortyly after enlistment he submitted an application to become the first ever RDA member from Australia in the AVTR program.Just before being shipped off to Pandora he did an undercover op. with TAG East (thats why he has long hair). Once he came back from this Black ops missions he finished the last of his Avatar training and was then put into cryo and sent off to Pandora                 

5 Years Later
He was awoken from Cryo just short from orbiting Pandora
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