UNSC (Project: Dimension Travel. Codename: Pandora) Military/game info

Started by Kupaton`Eywa, January 26, 2010, 11:30:55 AM

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This RP is a one way game, Ill make a new post for newcomers who want to play to get caught up in the game. The game sequence will be as folowed into 4 different ways
•Spartan-Highly trained, 100% jance to complete quest, 50% of loot.Weapon all access expec silenced smg.-
•ODST-Same of the Spartans abbove-
•Marine-easy class slim chance of completing quest, min survival-
•Oni Ops-Specialy trained. Deadly
Each class you select will be the same. The whole point of the game is to write your own part of the story. but you all have the same goals go hom and save the Na'vi.
I Command an Army, you do nt want to mess with me!