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Night Raider:
NOTICE: The deadline is set for March 1st, 2010. Please have your work completed by that day.

Now that we got some people interested in this project, we need to figure out how much time we need to complete the tracks. Many people have to work / do things other than creating music, so this is why we are holding this.

Please reply with a realistic deadline by which you can complete your individual track(s). We will then compile a time sheet. Please also keep your times reasonable to the most possible extent. We will take off from the farthest deadline provided.

I will start this: I will need around 2 weeks to complete my next version of "One Of The People", 2 of which will make my contribution to this project. I promise to finish the track by Tuesday, January 19th.

Nume fpi sänume:
No current final date on the first flight remix, had one other project ahead of it which is almost done. probably 2-3 weeks.

Night Raider:
Please post only your farthest projected deadlines with realistic dates.

This is needed to allocate time and resources for mastering / production / etc. We need to know approximately when we're aiming at starting this project rolling.

Do the music have to be a remix of a song/music?

Night Raider:

--- Quote from: ANiceSunset on January 05, 2010, 09:07:12 pm ---Do the music have to be a remix of a song/music?

--- End quote ---

Excellent question. The answer is NO as whatever is inspired by Avatar will fit the project. For example, some people are translating songs into Na'vi. As long as they aren't protected by copyrights, we can include those provided they have a musical arrangement to accompany them.


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