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Started by Mr.X, January 19, 2010, 10:14:25 AM

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(Night Rider asked me to make a separate thred for that, so here it is:)
Okay, so that's basically what I got for now. I think that this would be pretty much the final version, I just need to make a better mix. Or I just can send separate tracks to Night Rider, so he could mix them himself.
Anyway, say what you think about it  :) (to listen you have to press little blue play button somewhere in the middle-left of the page)

I also plan making a second tune and probably the one which the community will like better would end up on the CD (or maybe both of them   8) )

Ateyo te Kellett

not kinda symphonice metal. but it was quite good. the only thing i thought was a little strange was the start of the guitar. it was kinda faiding in...


Don't wanna be an ass really, overall I find it pretty awesome for something done at home;

The intro is waay too long. If it started very slowly, and progressively built up to the point of the guitars coming in, it would be ok, but as it is now, it sounds rather dull and boring.

As Ngay'taronyu said, the moment when guitars come in itself is rather strange. It doesn't... flow naturally from the intro - it just brutally ruins the (as I said before, rather boring) ambient atmosphere. It simply doesn't feel right - maybe you could try somehow blending in the two, with the tension of the intro building up, and then breaking down slightly to the guitars, so it's not such a big 'jump' between 'soundness'? I don't say that you should completely throw the dramatic contrast out of the window - of course that's the point of it, and many many bands do that - just try to make it more natural, more of a consequence of the intro...

And... the guitars themselves. Don't get me wrong, but it really just sounds like somewhat mindless, monotonous shredding applied to the whole track. I know you wanted the guitars to be more of a background to the more classical instruments (or I think you wanted), but some variation would work wonders for the whole.

Just food for thought - once again I gotta say it's really nice, just that a little touch here and there would really make it shine :) And of course it's your creation, and these are only my thoughts - if you think it's against your vision of the track, simply disregard it :)

Hope I could help in some way.


Irayo for honest words :)
I wrote that it is pretty final version, and I'm afraid it'll have to remain pretty much the same, as I am a very busy men lately- mainly with exams at my university and my music school (and that's quite ironic, that I don't have time to compose music because of music school :P) Maybe I would be capable of doing some more improvements, if Night Rider would push the deadline to some later date.
The things that I would like to improve the most is the intro - yeah, after I listened it know it really seems quite boring , and the moment when guitar kicks in. What have you heard was rather an experiment, cause I didn't know how to connect it to the intro. Maybe if I'll change the intro a bit it would be easier to make that connection.
As for the guitar riffs- yes, I intended the guitar to be the background for classical instruments, and I know the guitar part isn't very exciting, but I'll probably leave it as it is, because I don't really have too much time for recomposing it ;P Besides, maybe with a better mix, it wouldn't stand out that much (I hope ;) ).


Ok, here's the new and the final version of my track. I added a few things and finally named it:

Bows versus Guns