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Alright, the deadline is nearing. I am interested in knowing the status of this project. Do we still have enough people to make this reality, or are we letting it die off? I havent seen any mention for quite a while.

Night Raider:
I have 2 tracks I am willing to contribute, one is done and the other is going to be as soon as I get the vocals from vocalist.

Hmm, so that means if I can get mine up and running, we would have 3 songs when we need 13.

Night Raider:
As far as I know, many people were doing music for this project. However, I only see 2-3 completed tracks in the main section. We still got 2 weeks left, so I guess we gotta wait a little.

If we don't have enough tracks, we can always do a digital release on iTunes / Rhapsody whatever and donate the proceeds to charity.

I got mine nearly done, I just to adjust a few things and it will be good to go.


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