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Na'vi piano composition (for the Avatar CD project)

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Hey guys!
This is for the Avatar CD project started by Night Raider.
I started on some recordings of my works.

It's an extremely rough rough draft of a composition.
There's three kinds.
Just wanted to know which one you guys like/sound more plausible for a CD so i can focus a lot better...and before i post send it to Night Raider

I appreciate any comments and critiques on it. Just not to harsh to where you're just being stupid...
I want to get better at this.

took out the spoiler tags on this one. They were being stupid and irritated me ;)

Personally, I think the second one is more on the right path. It seems to have a vibe that I can closely relate to James Horner and his style. Keep it up, you're on the way.  :)

I agree, those tags are annoying how they function.

Sorry about the spoiler tags...

I just didn't want to take too much space that's all.


The melodies are reminding me of some familiar Celtic folk music.

Night Raider:
I think version number 2 is the best here, although all pieces deserve attention.

You don't have to post send me anything... All I will need is the original master WAV of the recording.

It would really help if something like this could be recorded in a studio, or played out on a e-piano with direct recording to a computer. This way there will be much less hiss and noise, and it will make mastering a breeze.


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