Author Topic: Unknown na'vi texts in the movie (extended an delete scenes)  (Read 1035 times)

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Unknown na'vi texts in the movie (extended an delete scenes)
« on: February 05, 2011, 06:50:12 pm »

I’d like to ask for your help.

 I’m about to make subtitles (for the new, 16 minutes longer, extended cut , plus the deleted scenes). Using the wiki especially, but also looked for in other sources (topics, subtitles, etc.).

Unfortunatey there are some Na’vi dialogues I could not understand/find source for.

I hope you can help me.
I can give you the times by PAL DVD.

Thank you for your help.

00:48:10   A Na’vi shouts loudly
00:48:55  ((ketepeu)), fahew akewong.  - His alien smell fills my nose.  (What about  “ketepeu” here?)
00:50:21  Pori (awngaru) [aungkarre] lu tìkin, a nume nì’ul.) - We need to learn more about him. (What about  “awngaru” and “aungkarre”?)
00:50:28  ...awngeyä fya’ori (((zìri/sì lì’/seli))) nga sänume sivi poru... - will teach him our way... (What is “zìri/sì lì’/seli” ? )
00:51:29  Yom wutsot! - Eat (your) meal! –(Is that correct? Or is it dinner instead?)
00:51:41  Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite - Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at's daughter–( Is that correct? Or Tskaha->Skaha?)
01:21:35  Eltu si! - Quit goofing off!  (Tsu’tey says to Jake and Neytiri)

00:16:23  Frapo ne wrrpa! - Get everyone to the forest. (Is that correct? Or „Get everybody out of there”?)
00:16:30  Eytukan shouts something standing back to us.
00:16:31  Eytukan shouts something standing back to us.
01:08:05 oeyä tsmukan. - brother.  (suspicious)
01:08:10  ...kivä set ne Sa'nok Tirea. - ...go now to the Mother Spirit. -  (suspicious)
01:08:13  Ngari hu eywa salew tirea,... - Your spirit goes with Eywa,... - (suspicious)
01:08:15  ...tokx 'ì'awn slu Na'viyä hapxì. – ...???? - (suspicious)

Scene 64
00:01:01  (????) oeru po snumìna latsam - He seems dim to me. (What is at the beginning?)

Scene 43A-98
00:01:04  (?????) (?????) (Here Grace says something like „now in English”)

Scene 122-123
00:00:42-00:00:52  (?????) (?????) (Jake’s speaking about some adventure. It’s strange. It seems that he speaks of the Toruk, but he could not know even its name, as it happens later that he gets to know about it .)
00:04:24  ???Zene ayoeng fìrina' apxa slivu! - We cannot let this seed grow. – Zene or  Zenke?

Scene 131A-148
00:05:15  Txantslusama ngawng... - Oh wise worm... – (Is that correct?)
00:05:17  ????(wola) swoka utralti ????(ong). - ...eater of the Sacred Tree. – (What’s right or wrong here?)

Scene 164-172
00:00:39  Fra'u ????leratängem. - Everything is changing. – (How is it correct?)
00:00:50  Fayhetuwongìri fra'ut(????) 'ampi tspìyang,... - These aliens kill everything they touch... – (How is it correct?)
00:01:25 Ftang! Ftang! Fìfpeio ke lu ????muiä. -  ???????? – (How is it correct?)
00:02:52 ????! -  Fight! – (How is it in Na’vi?)
00:05:06 ????Tsampongu [oehu!] - ????[Come with me]!  – (How is it correct?)

Scene 235-236
00:01:09  ????? – ???? – Jake’s translation
00:01:19  Takuk fìtseng. - Strike here. - Jake’s translation . Is that correct?

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Re: Unknown na'vi texts in the movie (extended an delete scenes)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2011, 04:13:51 pm »
That's exactly was I was wondering about. I hope someone will resolve this. I really want to know what they are saying there.  ???

Tsu'tey may have said '''eko'' for ''fight'' but I'm sot sure about it.
Oeyä swizaw nìngay tivakuk
Oeyä tukrul txe'lanit tivakuk
Oeri tìngayìl txe'lanit tivakuk
Oeyä txe'lan livu ngay.


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Re: Unknown na'vi texts in the movie (extended an delete scenes)
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2011, 05:04:31 pm »
Here is a little bit. :)
Tse'a ngal ke'ut a krr fra'uti kame.


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