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fpeio: Can you use all the published na'vi words in one (grammatical) post?

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I wanted to post the idea today, I'll have to post my submission later.

All 500? Woo... that would be hard...

Oeri kxawm tsun eltu fmi slä nari si zene fteke nìhawng krrnekx. Ulte, Toktor Frawmmer ayoengru ke srung si txo lì’utìtäftxurenuyä fra’u kxawm ke muiä lu nìwotx, srak?

I-TOP perhaps can brain try(v.) but take care [lit. “eye make/do”] must(v.) so-as-to-not excessively time-take(v.). Also, Dr. Frommer us[inclusive]-DAT NEG help-do(verbal noun) if grammar [lit. “word-weaving-pattern”]-GEN everything perhaps NEG proper COUPULA completely, INTRGTV?

My brain might be capable of trying but I’d have to take care to not spend too much time (on it). Also, if Dr. Frommer doesn’t assist us everything may not be correct with the grammar, right?

Hello Prrton - welcome!

Man, you are lightyears ahead of everyone else here already. Well, me, at least.

oeri mllte..  pongu ke n<ay>ume txan ke-hu karyu
I agree     people not learning much not-with teacher

I agree.. people can't learn much without a teacher. To a degree at least. Much of what we know is still highly speculative, but at least there is a lot of enthusiasm?

Eywayä mokri:
Kaltxì Prrton sì irayo...

That was amazing...


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