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A long overdue update with a bunch of minor tweaks and updates, just in time for 2021!  You can get past the file caching by using this link to download it. Otherwise, it'll probably be a few hours before the usual link gets the new version.

* many small style and formatting changes
* more examples, citations, and some more indexes
* a visual layout of the legal Na'vi syllable
* full set of tsa- conjunction contractions
* productivity of -yu with si-verbs
* clarifications on omission of san or sìk
* refinements on use of pum
* numbers after zam
* -tsim compound element
* modals that take futa section redone (new rules on subjunctive)
* sequential verbs with modal
* syntax section for sno redone (but we are waiting on more detail from K Pawl on this)
* dative in -ru with word-final glottal stopI missed this until I had already produced the new version:

--- Quote from: Vawmataw on May 13, 2018, 12:58:55 pm ---After discussion on Discord, Plumps, Kawnu, Tirea and I found out that a passage is missing in the Horen. The rule doesn't mention that nì- is freely productive on adjectives. Here is the source of the rule:

--- Quote ---Finally, some affixes are midway on the productivity scale. The adverb-former nì- is productive when used with adjectives: nìngay ‘truly,’ nìwin ‘fast,’ nìsti ‘angrily,’ nìftue ‘easily,’ etc. But it’s sometimes also used with other parts of speech—nìtut‘continually,’ nì’eyng ‘in response,’ nì’awtu‘alone’—and these words have to be learned as separate lexical items; you can’t take them as patterns on which to base new forms.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

I've already incorporated this into the word creation chapter for the next version.


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