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Really good work, thanks!

Ah, so many excellent comments.  I've incorporated most already, but a few need some more careful thinking about than I'm capable of just now.  My schedule is going to be crazy today, so I'll probably not get an update out until tomorrow.

No rush.

I'm glad that this is here. :)

Wou.. fì'u lu txantsan!

I still have to read through the whole thing, 54 pages is quite a bit. Thank you for making this :D

Tewti, this is amazingly detailed. Nice work!

With everyone else listing corrections, I'll jump on the bandwagon as well:

[*]p4 §2.1.1: missing right bracket: "n [n"
[*]p5 § oìsss misspelled as oìss
[*]p6 §2.2.3: "lention"
[*]p10 §3.2.2: oeng, ayoeng imply impossible syllabifications
[*]p11 § "gentive"
[*]p14 §3.6.2: participles claimed to be pre-first. The Language Log post said:
--- Quote ---First-position infixes indicate tense, aspect, or mood; there are also participial and reflexive infixes in this position, the latter being in “pre-first” position so it can co-occur with other first-position infixes. [emphasis mine]
--- End quote ---
Many people seem to have interpreted "the latter" as meaning both the participial and reflexive infixes, but note the singular pronoun "it". I think this comment was only meant to be about -äp-, not about -us-/-awn- too.
[*]p17 §4: "forty-two" spelled as "fourty-two"
[*]p17 §4: mrrvomun spelled as mrrvolmun
[*]p17 §4 footnote: "couting"
[*]p20 § Says that kelfpomtokx is from lefpomtokx with no accent shift, but the original word is actually lefpomtokx. (§ has it correctly)
[*]p20 § "speach"
[*]p21 § (if I've understood what "head" means) the head of fpomtokx would be fpom, while tokx is a modifier.
[*]p23 §6.1.1 footnote: "gibberish" spelled as "jibberish"
[*]p33 §6.7.5: perfective referred to as "perfect" (not called this anywhere else)
[*]p46 §7.1.2 footnote: "MaSempol.org"
[*]p48 § "formaltiy"


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