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Ma smuk,

as I've mentioned in the previous thread, I have created a completely new Na'viteri file for offline use. The new file is completely written in HTML. As that kind of file is almost universal, one can use it on almost all devices that has an HTML renderer or simply a browser. Differently than a PDF file, this HTML file is also the source file, which means, if you want to add something, you can do it so. Of course, you should have a bit knowledge about HTML and CSS.
This file comes together with a folder that contains some graphics and, most important, audio files that were used on Na'viteri (hence ~50MB). Use the file always together.

The main page

You will notice an header:

1. is the Table of content:
2. is a simple link to Na'viteri.org

3. is the help page:

Regarding blog comments, there is now a little change. In the old files, all comments were added, the new one have only the most relevant and important comment added.
Spoiler: example
>>> Download the HTML File <<<
total size of the .zip file: 55.0MB

If you have a question or need help in editing, feel free to PM me or post in this thread. :)

Tirea Aean:

Very nice  :) 

Blue Elf:
Fantastic job! Going to delete all old Pdfs :D

I'm glad you all like it. :D I hope it helps you well. :)

The old .pdf and .doc files also went bye bye from the gallery.


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