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Omaticaya and the flute

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That popped into my mind. Considering that several names (like plants and some locations) derive from Na'vi words, I was wondering if the word Omaticaya does too.
It will even isolate or predict the word flute from ''Blue Flute Clan'' (Omatikaya) if it is true.

I assume that, similarily to the humans, Na'vi can deform words from their original root (even to the point that they look different).
So, I think that if I do the spliting and go back to the roots of each part, I will get something like:

Olo' matik aean
Olo' matika ean
Olo' matikä (a)ean (too grammatical, sorry)
or something else similar

As for olo', the stress is on the lo' part, but lo' is clearly omited. Would it be a ''mistake'' made by the Na'vi or my theory falling apart?
As for matik or matika, it's an hypothetical, unconfirmed word. It could be longer, shorter or even slightly different in Modern Na'vi. It is a prediction of the word flute.
As for (a)ean, that would be a case of distorting words. When you pronounce the e too quickly, it may sound like a y. Add to that the dropped letters, probably because of the law of the smallest effort.

What do you think?

^according that old thread, there could be interesting ways.

It could be as well omatik aean, for blue flute. No need to add olo'?

--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on August 18, 2016, 02:17:59 am ---https://forum.learnnavi.org/beginners/etymology-of-'omaticaya'/
^according that old thread, there could be interesting ways.

--- End quote ---
olo'mate'eankaya seems wrong. ma and te don't make sense in this context.

The ASG, even with its erroneous Na'vi, may contain a part of the answer.
omati s’ampta: [omati sʔampta] SG n. blue flute

I think, Omatikaya has no real etymology and could be just a name with the meaning blue flute.

So it would mean that omatikaya is both a noun and a name?


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