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The prefix em-

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I guess, ta'em is kind of random. Not all words that include "em" have necessarily to do with a possible "em" root word.

Tirea Aean:
It's possible that it's a film retcon like pate?

off-topic: what was the derivation of kì'ong and kxener as fruits an vegetables?  :-\

Tirea Aean:
ASG. This is the same doc that has b and d amd impossible glottal stops in alleged "words".

Interesting thought! I'm sure they're etymologically linked!

About this:

--- Quote from: Mech on September 20, 2018, 08:59:29 am ---The official dictionary has a note with which I disagree (unless we have an official explanation about it): it says that emkä is a compound of emza’u and kä. I don't see a logic for this, nor a trace of za'u. In all three cases it seems to be just em- + verb root.

--- End quote ---

I just reread the post where Pawl introduced emkä and it doesn't seem to indicate anywhere that it is a compound of emza'u and kä, he merely points out that the shift from intransitive (kä) to transitve (emkä) is similar to za'u and emza'u.


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