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Julian Julian:
Kaltxi everyone, I am very pleased that this forum is receiving alot of interest and significant attention!

This post was made because I'm curious to know what age groups we are attracting. I do have an idea,  but I thought it would be neat to disclose such information since (as some other member has kindly indicated) we have broken the hundred members barrier not too long ago.

I believe knowing just what age groups we are attracting will definately indicate the popularity of Avatar, and the interest in Na'vi in general.

Irayo! :)

Ps: I want to take this oppurtunity to let people add me to msn ([email protected]) or skype (julian julian) because i'm interested in meeting our members and conversing in Na'vi. Irayo again. :)

Its also interesting to note that we have a 3:1 ration of male to female here...

Interesting, but that looks to be pretty standard so far with Avatar.

At least its better than most of my college CS classes.  Some classes it was about 80:1 male to female and 15:1 in the smaller classes...

Julian Julian:
So throw in a good looking vampire and the females will flock in ;)

Kidding. It's too early to judge, but I had a hunch that a majority of the members would be between 21-25. Just around that area, and I was anticipating some surprises from thirty and above.


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