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Started by Eanikran, November 09, 2022, 11:48:33 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo!

It's been a long time. When I saw the new trailer for TWoW, I felt pretty overcome with emotions not only because the first sequel is finally a reality, but it made me think back to this community and remember how much a crucial part of my life it was back in the day. I was battling some serious depression back then (still to a degree) and I think I would be a very different person today if it weren't for the friendships and good times I had here. I've been thinking back to the likes of NgayNume, the great food war, the beginning of the 90k2 post, and even the big fat binder of printed out stuff I still have (of course I do!). This place was a second home to me and it feels just as much so today as it did 12 years ago. Wou...12 years.

I hope when the movie comes out I will get to see our community here spring back to life with a slew of new faces and returning old friends alike. Maybe even a second golden age! This weekend I'll even be rebuilding the templates for my signature banners, I do miss making those.

So yeah - I think I'm back too. For real this time  :D


Kaltxì ma 'eylan! Welcome back sì.
I too remember the beginning of the 90k2 post, or 'Can we get to 5000 posts' as it was called back then!
12 years, damn, where did that go?!
I keep hoping to be back a lot more than I am presently.
Pasha, an Avatar story, my most recent fanfic, Avatar related, now complete.

The Dragon Affair my last fanfic, non Avatar related.


Kaltxì ma 'eylan :) Welcome back!


Kaltxì! Tolätxaw nìprrte'! :) :D

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Welcome back! Tolätxaw nìprrte'! I remember your signature banners like it was yesterday 💙 Glad to see more familiar faces.


Irayo nìtxan! Teiok oel fìtsengit  :ikran: Probably butchered that my Na'vi is hella out of shape after all this time HRH


Kea tìkin :)  Lu txantsan fwa nga tolätxaw.

Alyara Arati

Good to see you!  I'm hoping for a new golden age as well.  I'm really excited for the future!  You missed some cool stuff; also a lot of vituperous melodrama that I won't rain down upon you, but that I'm just as glad is now in the past.  So, if you get a chance,  come join the Discord community and check that out, if you haven't already.  Once more, good to have you back.
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Welcome back! I'm hoping to be more active here as well with the new film coming out.


Quote from: Alyara Arati on November 13, 2022, 01:24:26 AM
I'm hoping for a new golden age as well.  I'm really excited for the future!
Me too :)


Welcome back!! I also have great memories of NgayNume  :D And that rush of emotions when watching new Avatar content is Too Real.
I'm hoping for a new golden age too. SIVA KO! Let's do it!


`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

Wou! Lots of smuk asìltsan returning. Good to see folk coming back. I have been trying to spend more time here as well. This is still a great community!

Yawey ngahu!
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